TFI Envision selected for NAPA Night Vision Logo, Packaging, Displays, Sales Kit and Training Video

TFI Envision was selected to develop NAPA’s new premium “Night Vision” automotive lighting product line packaging, sales kit, sales training video and in-store displays.

The Night Vision logo puts the visual emphasis on “Night” since that is the time when lighting is most critical. The Night Vision packaging includes three tiers of products from basic to premium -Clear, Vivid, Brilliant - with over 60 SKUs. TFI Envision developed the trilingual, consumer friendly packaging design that incorporates easy-to-understand icons to denote the levels of brightness and distinguish the products performance attributes. The product part numbers are quickly visible on both top and bottom right, as well as easy-to-identify product warranty information. Bronze, Silver, and Gold colors, with eye-catching metallic elements that add to the premium look and feel. The duotone vehicle image coming towards you with a bright white highlight appearing behind the bulb makes the product ‘pop’ off the shelf.

TFI Envision developed the “Safety is in Sight” theme, the structure and the graphics for the Night Vision In-Store Prepacked Display Endcaps Maximizing each side of the unit as an educational/informational sales tool to make it easy to shop for the bulb needed. It will be in NAPA stores 3/1/18.

The Night Vision Sales Training Video was written and developed to be visually dynamic with fast paced imagery and ‘cut to the chase’ information.

The Night Vision Sales Kit was developed as a custom binder with a 30 page informational presentation, a flyer and sample products.

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