The Toolbox: Eco-Conscious Materials & Socially Responsible Services




Fragrance pack

The purse spray features a screw neck allowing the product to be easily disassembled for recycling or refilling. It features a 15-mL molded glass bottle, big enough to last a while, but small enough to fit in a purse.



paper protective packaging

Paper protective packaging

The Expandos protective packaging material is a paper-based, high performance solution for parcel shipping applications. There are different grades of material for different item densities, and the packaging can be dispensed on a fully autonomous basis. Expandos is compostable, recyclable and Sustainable Forestry Initiative certified.

tree free packaging

Tree-free packaging

Marketers concerned about deforestation can leverage these packaging options, which are made from rapidly renewable resources, e.g., sugarcane bagasse, instead of tree fiber.


molded fiber

Molded Fiber

Incorporating a cut-out area that showcases the enclosed product, the Karta-Pack,was designed to be  a direct replacement for the plastic blister pack. This compostable ‘blister’ is constructed from paper or agricultural waste and is plastic-free.


rigid turned

Rigid turned-edge paperboard

Product offering includes this 100% manufactured in the U.S. package, made from 100% recycled board comprising 90% post-consumer waste and 10% mixed internally generated pre-consumer mill trim waste.  The paper is FSC-Certified, chlorine-free and is 100% recyclable.



Flexible film

Torayfan CB3 is a new generation of transparent, polyvinylidene chloride-free, high barrier biaxially oriented PP films that deliver extended shelf life packaging-performance for nuts, seeds, salted snacks, cookies and more. CB3 films are a thinner alternative to thicker films, enabling source reduction, yield and economic benefits.




Tube made from post-consumer plastic

Berry Global launched its first commercialized tube made using post-consumer resin (PCR). The amount of PCR in individual tubes varies between 57% and 62%,  excluding the closure and depending on the tube diameter and length. The specific tube pictured contains 60% PCR.




Tray made from recycled plastic

Transparent Container helped Edgewell shift its production of their trays from virgin amorphous-PET to 100% post-consumer rPET. This modification improves packaging sustainability and offers serendipitous benefits like added strength.


Recycled Box Wraps and Boards

Neenah offers PC100 for premium boxes. These bright white and natural recycled box wraps and boards contain 100% post-consumer waste fibers. The textures include smooth, vellum, felt, stipple and eggshell. The papers are produced sustainably.


3-D eco-conscious foils and holograms

The official stadium program from Super Bowl LII featured custom Hazen Holography, including a 3-D Lombardi trophy. Envirofoil uses under 1% of the aluminum of traditional foil laminate, in a layer so thin, the aluminum in a single can would cover an entire football field.



paper fiber

Renewable paper fiber

Designed to be an alternative to plastic, Colourform p molded packaging is made from 100% renewable paper fiber. It is naturally biodegradable and is fully recyclable.

rigid media

Rigid media for POP & retail displays

Duratex EcoDisplay board is made from wood, water and starch—30% of which comes from post-industrial waste. It fits easily into standard paper recycling programs, and the company reports that the board is one-third of the cost of comparable media.

mold cork

Mold Cork packaging

This prototype is a result of IPL Packaging’s and its cork supplier’s ongoing research to create a natural cork closure that diverts waste from landfills and uses completely natural binding agents. The composite cork is mostly comprised of recycled waste material generated through the production of solid natural cork manufacturing.

clean flake

Label material

Cleanflake portfolio of labeling solutions improves the recycled-PET[rPET] yield in the recycling process. Polystyrene labels typically limit PET recyclability into food-grade rPET due to adhesive contamination.



Certification system and software platform for reforestation

This sustainable system can be applied to any paper-based product: office print, commercial print or packaging. Paper weight is measured, equated to its forest density and automated equivalent certified for reforestation projects around the world.  