The Toolbox: Eco-Friendly Packaging & Product Development Materials



iC3D is an all-in-one software for generating 3-D photorealistic packaging mock-ups in real-time. Users have the ability to visualize ideas, which allows brand owners to increase the effectiveness of their packaging without going to print, cutting down on waste and promoting green design.



Entour Pouch

The Entour pouch solution offers the functionality and performance of traditional laminated pouches without the added process of lamination of dissimilar materials, which can limit recyclability and impact packaging economics.



Folding Carton

Converted using Clearwater Candesce solid bleached sulfate (SBS) paperboard and offset printed with six inks, soft touch coating and UV gloss spot coating. The cartons are manufactured using 100% wind energy and produced in a zero manufacturing waste to landfill facility.



Steel Tin Can

The steel packaging is easy to collect because of its magnetic properties. It can be recycled an infinite number of times without loss of durability or strength.



Blister Pack

Cefapac is a blister pack, made of Invercote G and converted without any plastic fossil content. The objective was to lower the carbon footprint and make it easier to open for people with physical disabilities.


pe pouch

Recyclable PE Pouch

This new, recyclable polyethylene (PE) pouch is designed for compliance with the store drop-off recycling stream. The package can be equipped with customizable moisture barriers, oxygen barriers and closures to better preserve contents and combat food waste.



Bio-based Lidding Film

LumiLid is bio-based lidding film and manufactured with Toray’s proprietary sustainable resin blends, which are made with more than 50% renewable feedstocks and made without solvents.



Cast-and-cure Labels

Cast-and-cure decoration offers a low cost way to add shelf appeal to a product while maintaining recyclability of the packaging.




Natural Collection

The Natural collection uses non-petroleum based pigments and a bio-derived carrier providing colorants made entirely from renewable resources.


pizza pan

Food Pan

The fiber pizza pan is compostable and microwavable. The tray is a sturdy container that makes for a positive customer experience by offering an easy oven to table transition.



food container

Recycled PET Container

The GoCubes can be used alone or with a compartmented insert tray for maximum appetite appeal. Stylish and sustainable, made with 100% post-consumer PET material.




Paperboard Specialty Packaging

EnviroGuard is a paperboard-based alternative to plastic clamshells; it’s tear-resistant paperboard and is fashioned into a formed paper tray that delivers protection against in-store tampering.




Premium Papers

This sustainable, readymade and custom solution for folding board, box wrap, labels and paper gift cards are Forest Stewardship Council-certified papers and post-consumer options, containing up to 100% recycled fibers.



Spatial FX

Spatial FX is a diffractive structure where the decoration appears to be risen off the page, though it remains flat. Spatial FX is sustainably produced and does not compromise a package’s ability to be recycled.



Molded Fiber

Certified compostable molded Fiber products, with exacting PMS colors, smooth dust-free finish, and tight draft angles under 1.5-deg for inner or outer packaging.



Side-Gusseted Bags

The side-gusset pouch is made with bio-based polyethylene materials. The pouches are USDA-certified and contain a least 30% plant-based materials.



Laminate Film

Luxe Films EcoPro reportedly is a durable, eco-friendly laminating film. Engineered to provide the look and feel of standard film, the company says, its high-quality oriented polypropylene  laminate film is revolutionary.



Stand-up Pouch

FibreForm is a 3-D cold formable paper. Fibreformis natural, renewable, FSC-Certified, compostable and a stand-up pouch.



Hot-fill Closures

The new ParaPET metal lug closure features longer lugs, creating a more complete seal enabling manufacturers of hot-filled products to package the product successfully in PET containers. This simplifies recycling of the packaging and reduces truckload weight.