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X-Rite Total Appearance Capture

Total Appearance Capture is a solution that captures, communicates and visualizes complex physical materials for use in virtual design applications such as CAD, PLM or rending applications. Designers can capture and verify the true appearance of a material bringing a new level of realism and efficiency to the design-to-production process.


comm soft

Communication Software

New digital solutions are available in the form of communication software and decorative protection for primary and secondary packaging as part of Kurz’s Brand Enhancement program. Protective decoration can help with anti-counterfeiting as well as serve advanced marketing functions when coupled with a customized app developed.


design software

Design software

The iC3D v4.1 bump displacement enables packaging creatives to quickly create and visualize emboss or deboss design features to a photorealistic standard in a matter of minutes.


fully assembled

Fully Assembled Cartons

The fully assembled, branded, market-ready cartons can be quickly manufactured and delivered in low-, medium- or high-volume quantities, which can be useful for human factor studies, clinical trials, sampling or prototyping.


color logic


The Color-Logic swatchbook provides designers with 250 new metallic colors.  Color-Logic eliminates the need to match generic metallic colors, and fully accounts for substrates, inks, and the press being used. The swatchbook is available only from licensed Color-Logic printers.



Inkjet Package Printing

The 2600 Series Digital Overprinter is a turnkey solution for marketing teams. Easily add four color graphics and variable data to packaging, shipping and mailing materials. The machine prints thick objects such as corrugated boxes, bubble envelopes and bags.

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