Brand differentiation in the hair extension market

Hair Extension

With the help of advanced technology, beauty brands are making more realistic hair extensions that are also more practical and less expensive. Today, target markets extend far past just celebrities or similar high-income customers. 

Hair extensions are now quite cheap, they come in different variations, and they are available from more brands. Differentiating between the brands is getting difficult.

One solution is custom packaging that creates an independent brand image and protects the products. These packets are helping their business in the following ways:


The foremost purpose of them is to protect the hair extension from external damage. Humidity can make hair more rough and hard to handle. Boxes with waterproof elements can help protect the extensions.


In the case of hair extensions, packaging not only beautify the product, but they also speak on behalf of the product's quality.  Premium quality materials help communicate how much the manufacturers care about quality. Remarkable visual design help position the brand. 


Custom hair extension boxes are specially designed for these products. These boxes not only keep the product safe, but also offer a storage solution. For example, boxes can save space in the home by either being hanged using a hook. A box could also have a magnetic base.

Boost up promotions

Custom packaging can improve overall business sales. Their attractive visuals immediately capture the customer’s attention right away. Manufacturers can play with different colors to illustrate what would be the color of the extension that is kept inside of them. Window panes in packaging enable shoppers to glimpse the product inside.

Boxes can be made from evironmentally friendly materials, which appeals to shoppers shifting preferences towards product and packages made from organic ingredients. 


E-commerce is a fairly new sourcing option for bulk purchases of boxes. Packaging boxes are also available on many online websites (like ours).

Many online websites enable quick discovery of box options and the per-unit cost. These online vendors offer a wide range of modified boxes on their websites. Some also offer predesigned templates, which brands can tweak for their specific brand marketing needs.


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