Veg-Fresh Farms’ New Smart Plastic, Antimicrobial Packaging

A California-based supplier of fresh foods has incorporated Smart Plastic technology into its Brussels sprouts packages, and Veg-Fresh Farms reportedly has plans to integrate the antimicrobial material into future packaging efforts.

Bob Wright, Chief Operations Officer of Veg-Fresh Farms, told the Brussell sprout retailandnowuknow website that the company has been in discussion with Smart Plastic Technologies of Wheeling, Ill., regarding its antimicrobial additive technology, and has monitored independent testing trials.
“It is a natural fit to incorporate this technology into our packaging,” he said. “Foodborne illness is one of the top threats to this industry, and we are committed to taking advantage of new technology to keep our customer’s food as fresh, safe, and healthy as possible.”

Brussell sproutsVeg-Fresh Farms will be utilizing Smart Plastic for the film packaging on its organic and conventional Brussels sprouts, and plans to further incorporate it into lidding film, clamshells, and a variety of other packaging options.

According to Smart Plastic Technologies, the SmartPlastic additives are inserted into the production process in very small percentages along with other standard ingredients. The resulting “Smart Plastic” is changing industries, positively impacting the environment, and making a difference in people’s lives.

Smart Plastic Technologies touts a 99.9 percent reduction in bacteria and a 5-log reduction in antimicrobial protection. The company says that testing has shown that the anti-microbial material is highly effective against MRSA, Salmonella, Listeria, E. coli and dozens of common, dangerous organisms. The silver-ion based technology is compatible with such plastic materials as PE, PP, PS, and PET.

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