Ventiv Design Debuts Anti-Counterfeit Cannabis Packaging

Ventiv Design offers more than child-resistant cannabis packaging. The New York City-based company has debuted packaging that combats counterfeit THC products and the environmentally unsustainable packaging that the company says is increasingly prevalent in an industry riddled with excess plastic, tainted counterfeits, and non-recyclable packaging.

Ventiv Design has created distinctive packaging with sustainably Ventiv's Slider box packagingsourced materials that are difficult to imitate, like their sustainably-sourced Slider Box, made with hemp paper, for vapes and pre-rolls, and their Pinch Pump for topical lotions, made with post-consumer recycled plastic. The company’s material selection, including glass, plastic, paper, and tin, can be recycled by single-stream recycling utilities, while hemp and molded sugarcane can be composted.

This means that Ventiv's products can be diverted from landfills, drastically reducing carbon footprint and lifecycle costs.

For the last several years, the marijuana industry has been grappling with a trend of counterfeit products that mimic popular brands like Kingpen, Brass Knuckles, and Heavy Hitters. These fakes have cut into each company's revenue, and have sickened unsuspecting consumers. Citing Centers for Disease Control statistics, the company says that counterfeit marijuana vapes are often supplemented with vitamin E and propylene glycol to thicken and dilute THC, which have been associated with over 500 confirmed or probable-cause lung injuries. Overseas manufacturers facilitate cannabis counterfeits by reproducing or closely mimicking the packaging of popular brands, the company adds.

Ventiv has adopted a two-fold anti-piracy strategy. First, the company utilizes its patent-pending portfolio of child-resistant packaging. Second, they leverage unique material selections such as hemp, sugarcane, and 100% recycled plastics to further deter counterfeiters from copying.