Veritiv expands packaging with sustainable options

Veritiv Corporation offers a paperboard-based packaging option made with 100% sugarcane bagasse fibers, an annually renewable, tree-free fiber source that is recyclable and compostable.

Vertitv teamed up with Carvajal Pulp and Paper to market Earth Pact paperboard. Veritiv customers have already experienced some of the benefits of the Earth Pact products.

Biossance, a brand with a promise of sustainability in skincare sought out this packaging. The brand needed not only sustainable paperboard, but also structural and graphic package designs, kitting services, transportation, warehousing and more.  

With the Earth Pact line of products and designers at Veritiv, it is positioned to create new and sustainable packaging designs that stand out on shelf, minimize weight and give customers an out-of-box experience.