Woodford Reserve celebrates the Best of Kentucky

Woodford Reserve, the presenting sponsor of the Kentucky Derby reveals its $1,000 Mint Julep cup, available at the Kentucky Derby, benefiting the Jennifer Lawrence Arts Fund.

The 2018 Cup pays tribute to Kentucky by offering a quintessential julep crafted by Woodford Reserve’s new assistant master distiller, Elizabeth McCall and master distiller, Chris Morris.

This year’s theme is Best of Kentucky.

The cups are handcrafted by Louisville-based jeweler, From the Vault. The Twin Spires appear on the cup and the running lines around the cup symbolize the limestone-filtered water, a key ingredient to the bourbon.

"Woodford Reserve is honored to bring together two of Kentucky's greatest traditions -- Derby and bourbon -- through our $1,000 Mint Julep Cup program," says Mark Bacon, Woodford Reserve global brand director, in a release. "A premium celebration like The Kentucky Derby deserves a premium cocktail."

Each cup is presented in a wooden box, lined with silks, like those worn by jockeys.