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At-Home Kit Introduced to Test for Insulin Resistance

Medical practice empowers patients to test metabolic biology, including insulin resistance, without a trip to the doctor’s.





A new testing kit from medical practice SoWell Health was designed to be the first at-home kit to test for biological factors, including insulin resistance. SoWell Health’s new Weight Biology Kit tests eight key biomarkers to help consumers gain a deep understanding of their metabolic health and work toward a weight loss solution without ever needing to step foot into the practice’s facilities.

“At SoWell, we understand that many Americans struggle with finding a weight loss solution that works best for their bodies,” says Dr. Alexandra Sowa, founder of SoWell Health. “At our practice, as much as 90% of our patients ultimately identify an undiagnosed metabolic condition that’s impacting their weight. We wanted to find a way to scale our services and make the right kind of care more accessible to a wider range of patients on their wellness journey. Our science-based approach to weight management can help people nationwide eliminate the emotional stress, financial burden, and inconvenience of in-person doctor’s visits when trying to lose weight and regain a healthy lifestyle.”

The newly created Weight Biology Kit tests for an array of metabolic factors and metabolic conditions including insulin resistance, metabolic syndrome, unhealthy cholesterol levels, pre-diabetes or type ii diabetes, vitamin b12 deficiency or hypothyroidism.

Linda Casey is the editor-in-chief of BXP.

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