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Benefits of windowed packaging in the Health and Beauty industry





Packaging reveals a lot about a brand. Showcasing your brand through packaging, both primary and secondary, is critical to building the brand image, perceived value and the desire for the consumer to learn and want to buy your products. Adding a window to your packaging  is great way to showcase your product while providing consumers insight into your brand values and promise.

Brand image is paramount in all industries, but perhaps even more important when it comes to the health and beauty industry where mere looks influence and drive consumer decisions.pureology

Here are just a few of the many benefits of using windowing in packaging of health and beauty products:

Provides a Realistic View of Your Product

Windowing inherently provides consumers with a real-life look into your product. Whether used in paperboard folding cartons or fully transparent plastic cartons, see through areas of the packaging enables consumers to have an exact idea of your products’ color, shape and other physical aspects. This realistic view of your product builds intrigue and buying impulses within consumers.bath basics


Showcases Primary Packaging for a Compounded Effect

When it comes to beauty products, looks can be everything. That’s why both primary and secondary packaging of beauty and cosmetic products, such as fragrances or high-end creams, are equally elegant and beautiful. Clear packaging allows consumers to see a product’s primary packaging, typically a gorgeous bottle or jar. This inside look into a product’s primary packaging, combined with a beautiful secondary packaging, delivers an alluring and exquisite product presentation.



Creates a Heightened Experience for the Consumer

The closer a consumer can get to experiencing a product, the better connection they can make with a brand and the more likely they are to purchase. Windowed packaging allows consumers to  use more of their senses and ultimately heightens their overall experience and connection with your


Flaunts Your Product’s Best Features

Every product has unique, selling features that brands want consumers to know about. Whether it’s the purity of ingredients or essence of the brand, windowed packaging is a unique design feature that can allow brands to promote one-of-a-kind product features, gifts with purchase, or companion products.


Adopting Windowing for Your Packaging Designs

Windowed packaging designs can help brands achieve many things. From presenting their product in a more direct way to heightening the consumer experience, windowed packaging requires mastery. When thinking about paperboard folding cartons with a window or an overall plastic carton, it’s important to work with a supplier that understands this unique material. Suppliers must have the experience, expertise and equipment to guide brands on the ‘do’s and don’ts’ of print, finishing, structure and other production considerations.


This article was written by Michael DiFranco, VP of Marketing at JohnsByrne.

Editorial Note: This post was shared by a member of the BXP community and edited by our editorial staff. Do you have news to share with our readers or a package design project that you are especially proud of? Click here to learn how you can become a contributing member of the BXP Magazine online community.

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