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CSW’s E-Lift Cutting Dies Solve Two Major Challenges for Evol and Isowa Presses




Corrugated converters who invest in high-volume flexo folder gluers like the Mitsubishi Evol or the Isowa Falcon are banking on improved speed and efficiency. The cutting dies required to run with these presses, however, often have a longer wait time for tooling delivery and are prone to rule failures. CSW’s new mechanical ejection die system is designed to address both challenges.

“Because these dies require large routered voids in the die board and gate holes in the rule itself to accommodate ejection lifters, they tend to create weak points on the die that are vulnerable to breakage,” notes Matthew Marino, VP of Operations at CSW. “This creates down time for the converter, which is not what you want with a high efficiency workflow.”

CSW also heard frustration from corrugated converters because mechanical ejection dies are complex to manufacture and have a longer turn time than other corrugated cutting dies. “The E-Lift™ die uses less intricate components, so we can build it faster. And our system creates no gate holes in the rule and no large voids in the die board, so the integrity of the tooling is maintained,” says Marino.

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