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Diamond Packaging wins four awards





Diamond Packaging today announced that it won four awards, including all three in the “Sustainability – Folding Cartons” category, in the 32nd annual packagePRINTING Excellence Awards, the industry’s only competition recognizing the highest level of printing quality and technical achievement across the full range of packaging segments – labels, flexible packaging, folding cartons, and corrugated cartons. Winners were chosen from hundreds of entries submitted in over 40 different categories. Entries were judged on print quality, functionality, and secondary converting and finishing attributes.

Diamond won First Place in the “Sustainability – Folding Cartons” category for Procter & Gamble’s Crest 3-D White Whitening Therapy packaging.

The folding cartons were converted utilizing Clearwater Candesce® SBS paperboard, cold foiled, and offset printed with six color inks, UV matte, and UV gloss spot coating.

crestThe UV gloss spot coating is registered to the holographic hot foil stamping pattern and provides a striking contrast to the overall matte finish surrounding it.
Overprinting transparent inks over cold foil creates shimmering metallic effects on the Crest logo.

Foil embossed (Crest logo, hexagons) and debossed (Whitening Therapy) accents add dimension and provide an upscale appearance unique to personal care products.

Diamond won Second Place in the “Sustainability – Folding Cartons” category for Elizabeth Arden’s Jennifer Aniston Chapter One packaging.


The folding cartons were converted utilizing FSC-certified Iggesund Invercote G paperboard, cold foiled, and offset printed with four color process and two special color inks, in-line with UV matte and UV gloss coating.

The UV gloss spot coating on the logo and overall gloss coating on the rear panel provides a striking contrast to the matte finish surrounding it.
Overprinting transparent matte gold ink over cold foil creates satin metallic effects on the front and top panels.

Registered embossed and blind embossed logos combined with an overall embossed herringbone pattern on the side panels add dimension and contribute to a unique visual and tactile presentation.

The combination of color and textures beautifully complement the design of the primary container – a uniquely curved glass flacon with a matte gold cap.

2018 packagePRINTING Excellence Awards

Diamond won two awards, including Third Place in the “Sustainability – Folding Cartons” category and Third Place in the “Specialty – Technical Achievement” category, for its 2018 corporate calendar, a popular promotional item given to customers and suppliers.


The octagonal lighthouse piece originates from a beautiful, hand-drawn watercolor, and showcases the type of decorative effects that can cost-effectively transform customers’ brands.

The calendars were converted utilizing Clearwater Candesce SBS paperboard, cold foiled, and offset printed with four color process and metallic copper inks, DiamondTouch soft touch coating, DiamondEmboss and DiamondReticulate specialty coatings, UV matte, and UV gloss coating.

The header features a dramatic cold foiled and embossed dome overprinted with copper ink, a lantern room embedded with Diamond’s embossed logo, and a multi-level embossed catwalk and balcony surrounding a stone facade — all set against a soft touch, hand-drawn watercolor of a beautiful sunset.ja

The two middle backers also feature a multi-level embossed stone facade, along with a multi-level embossed window frame, surrounded by a hand-drawn watercolor of the water enhanced with UV gloss spot coating. Select stones were enhanced with DiamondEmboss and DiamondReticulate specialty coatings.

The bottom backer features several enhancements, including a multi-level embossed door frame, embossed concrete coursing/mantle with debossed “DIAMOND PACKAGING” text, embossed wooden plaque with debossed “2018” text, embossed concrete curb, and multi-level embossed water splashing against the embossed stones surrounding the foundation.

The calendar’s recyclable shipper, which features complementary artwork, was designed to maintain integrity of the piece during shipping and storage.
All of Diamond’s winning entries were manufactured using 100% clean, renewable wind energy and produced in a Zero Waste to Landfill (ZWL) facility.


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