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Driftaway Coffee Debuts E-Commerce Product Delivering Virtual Brand Experiences

It’s hosted by James McCarthy, 2013 World Coffee Brewer’s champion and Driftaway Coffee educator.




Driftaway Coffee virtual tasting

(PRESS RELEASE) Since 2014, gourmet food-and-beverage brand Driftaway Coffee has been freshly roasted coffee that matches a consumer’s taste based on a personalization algorithm. Extending its embrace of technology to enhance the brand experience, Driftaway Coffee launched a new e-commerce option on November 17, 2020 — virtual coffee tasting party kits.

“Coffee has always been about connecting with people, and virtual coffee tastings seemed like a perfect way to hang out with loved ones virtually, over a common love for coffee!” says Anu Menon, co-CEO and co-founder of Driftaway Coffee.

Hosted by James McCarthy, 2013 World Coffee Brewer’s champion and Driftaway Coffee educator, the Virtual Tasting can host up to 5 screens / 10 participants at one time, over Zoom. Driftaway sends coffee tasting kits to all participants just in time for their Virtual Tasting. “We’ve always believed that tasting is the only way to figure out what coffees you like, and the virtual tasting led by James is a natural extension of hundreds of thousands of Tasting Kits that we’ve shipped to customers to taste by themselves at home,” says Menon.

“These tastings have been an intuitive progression from what I’ve been doing most of my coffee career: getting people excited about speciality coffee by engaging with them about their preferences, and delivering new information in a fun and accessible way,” says James McCarthy, who will be the host for the virtual tastings. “I’ve really enjoyed hearing customers say that they’ve changed their mind on which of the coffees they prefer after going through the tasting, all because they were able to taste the coffees side-by-side, and were guided through the tasting experience.”

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