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Evolution or revolution? This is the question




Evolution or revolution? That is the question

When it is time for a packaging design update, the first question to answer is: what should it change to become relevant without losing credibility?

It is often thought the motivation for a package design change is in hands of the brand´s owners, but actually it is the competitive context that drives the need for change. When the company decides to update their packaging design it is vital to think thoughtfully what and why it should change.

Design is an activity devoted to solve problems, and we must acknowledge them to do it right. Brands are forced to change to rejuvenate, show themselves active, versatile and in accordance to the rapid market changes. This is mostly what brands pursue to stand out in the crowded shelves. A package design change, material or graph could be exploited to communicate a profound change of the brand’s message and make a deeper impact in shoppers´ minds.




As a medical procedure, the first step is to diagnose brand´s and its current package design health. What customers value about it ? How they identify with that? Is the brand still relevant? Why? It is not the same to redesign a leading brand than a one with really low market share.

We should analyze and evaluate the brand’s visual heritage and “equities”. It can be the shape, proportions, materials, colours, layout, or any other design aspect. In short, what is distinctive for the brand or the product. It is important to assess them carefully and determine just the key elements that makes the brand unique. Even in the most traditional and conservative products it is possible to change more things than the ones that cannot be changed.

Another important issue is to study the strategies used by competitors and similar brands. What do they do that works? What does not work? What opportunities are there to stand? Think a different strategy to avoid falling into the temptation of “me-too”. What works for one brand does not mean that will work for another.



Shoppers are inevitably the direct recipients of packaging design. Design should speak in the right way for each consumer to make them feel identified with the product. There are several kinds of consumer, but the main task is to identify them. They can be conservative and reluctant to change, or maybe more flexible and keen on new and exciting experiences.


Anyway, there are no formulas. Shoppers are human beings and have their shopping habits well established until something makes them change them. As people grow, they develop themselves emotionally and professionally, they travel to other countries and change their life-style too. Shoppers change, so the packaging design does so.



Evolution is generally recommended for brands that are well established in the market and can not afford the risk of being confused, or worse, not recognized by their own consumer’s. It is logical that brand executives do not want to lose the valuable ground gained over the years. 

However, there are cases where the possibilities of mass communication encourage leaders to make bigger steps to still be the leader. A design revolution it is a highly effective way to revitalize brands with low market share and need to become relevant. A weak brand has more freedom and possibilities to change, strengthen and differentiate through an innovative new package design.

A good redesign could not only make the product look more attractive, but to reposition the product. It can also increase the brand quality perception and make it look more trustworthy.




Wonder which is the need for change

Diagnose brand´s health

Learn about the brand history 

Determine which are the brand´s equities

Respect the relevant elements

Study the competitors

Identify the consumer´s profile

Define a design strategy 

Rewrite the story the brand has to tell

Change just what the brand needs to change






Tulipan – Evolution

Logo: A clean, contemporary typeface guarantees the quality of the product. 

Isotype: Simplified to create a new synthetic and highly recognizable sign.

Layout: Right alignment allows easy reading and quick identification of each variety. 

Colours: Flashy colours convey intensity and fun.


Aguazul – Revolution

Closure: Transparency communicates purity

Structure: the bespoke structural design of the new PET bottle reflects the high technology implied in the purification process.

Shape: The bottle shape symbolizes purity, the drops are windows which allow to see inside the product.

Logotype: Projects a strong and dynamic image.

Label Design: Translucent colours superimposed recreate the movement of water.


Baggio Pronto Evolution:

Closure:  Green represents nature.

Logotype: Retouched and enhanced without losing its personality.

Layout: The backbone line is highlighted by the shape of the leaf and fruit cut.

Illustrations: Makes the product look more desirable and attractive.

Colours: White background conveys purity and welfare.




Why evolution?

Updates package design

Invigorates brand´s message 

Increased consumer loyalty

To communicate a product improvement

Enhances perceived quality


Why revolution?

Create a more relevant brand message

Revitalize a weak brand 

Stand out from competitors

Create a new category

Keep being the leader

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