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5 Factors That Will Inform Your Product Label Content in 2021

Product labeling is a bridge to a long-lasting connection with consumers.




5 Factors That Will Inform Your Product Label Content in 2021

THE PANDEMIC put massive pressure on CPGs to promote their brand awareness. Additionally, customers have an unlimited number of research tools with which to compare brands and their products, increasing said pressure.

This is why product labeling is so important, as it has the potential to play an active role in building a long-term relationship between the brand and the end consumer. It can also help forge a unique brand identity and convey benefits that aren’t communicated elsewhere on the product.

To that end, let’s look at seven key consumer trends that will affect your product label content in 2021.

1. Transparency

Transparency is one of the top trends that can set brands apart in the marketplace. Consumers are increasingly interested in learning about ingredients and how products are manufactured. To turn casual browsers into potential customers, incorporate distinctive designs on the product labeling, which can be complemented with see-through methods of packing.



2. COVID Hangover

It’s no secret the pandemic hindered the growth of CPG brands by restricting consumers from visiting physical shops. This, unfortunately, may continue in 2021, affecting product launches in spite of growing vaccination rates.

As such, online stores will continue feeling pressure to quickly sell their existing stock. CPG brands, in turn, must connect with customers in order to move their products faster.

3. Brand Satisfaction

Consumers, for a variety of reasons, have a tendency to switch brands within a product category. For example, customers will pivot to Amazon if product selection is narrow or if the brands they find in stores are perceived to be lacking in quality.

One step brands can take to address this issue is reassuring customers by listening to their feedback and taking responsive measures. Constantly interact with the customer to learn about their likes and sell products that would earn their trust. Connect with the customers digitally by sending vouchers or deals.



4. Ubiquitous Competition

Reputed brands who’ve earned their customers’ attention typically present an engaging brand story on its product label. A powerful brand states the specifications on the product label in a straightforward way.

Today’s customers have unlimited opportunities to browse the internet and choose products with catchy descriptions on the product label. The way you distinguish your brand via product labeling will go a long way toward whether a consumer views a brand as one that’s easily replaced by a competitor.

5. Health Consciousness

Today’s consumers are ever-vigilant when it comes to buying products that will not cause adverse health effects. This is particularly so in light of increasing health care costs. As such, brands must constantly stay on top of wellness trends and be wary of how end consumers will perceive a product’s effect on their physical and mental health.


5 Factors That Will Inform Your Product Label Content in 2021


By now, CPG brands are well aware that consumers’ interests and loyalties can change at the drop of a hat due to the plethora of choices at their fingertips. A sure way to win over customers in 2021 is by delivering products with attractive labels that promise a high quality and the wellness of consumers.

Packaging can speak volumes about the product and also instill confidence in the consumer. Therefore, brands must prioritize the design of eye-catching graphics and informative labeling for increased customer engagement. By keeping the above-mentioned factors in mind, brands can meaningfully connect with consumers and earn their trust and loyalty for the long haul.

Brindha is a contributor to Packaging Artwork and Labeling with experience covering various niches. Apart from writing, her hobbies include reading books and listening to music.

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