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Four Corners Brewing Debut Boozy Kombucha Seltzer BuchaLada

Texas-based brewer blends kombucha and seltzer in new hard beverage in vibrant packaging.




Four Corners Brewing  Debut Boozy Kombucha Seltzer BuchaLada

(PRESS RELEASE) The beloved Texas-based brewer Four Corners Brewing Co. has officially launched a new line of boozy kombucha seltzers. BuchaLada is a light, fizzy and fruity alcoholic kombucha sold in 4-packs of 12-oz sleek cans. BuchaLada’s vibrant packaging was created by Four Corners’ award-winning designer, Cristi Brinkman, who has been designing the company’s visual identity from its inception. The brand motto of “Eyes to the sky. Feet on the ground,” ties into the inspiration for each BuchaLada flavor and comes to life in the brand’s overall look and feel.

BuchaLada is intended to be fruity, fizzy and fun. “It’s been a fun challenge to create such an innovative beverage,” says BuchaLada Brewer, Betsi Good. “Kombucha can be polarizing to some people. Our goal was to make BuchaLada approachable and enjoyable for those who love kombucha, as well as for those who have been too skeptical to try it. As we do with beer, we’re excited to turn people on to a whole new world of brews.”

Available in three flavors, each 12 oz. can of BuchaLada has an alcohol by volume (ABV) of 4.5 percent, only 120 calories and is gluten free:

  • Raspberry Hibiscus – refreshingly tart with a hibiscus floral aroma.
  • Ginger Prickly Pear – mild sweetness balanced with an earthy spice of ginger flavor.
  • Grapefruit Sea Salt – balanced fruity sweetness & acidity with a hint of sea salt.

“We’ve been planning and perfecting BuchaLada for several years and are excited to finally share it with everyone,” says George Esquivel, co-founder of Four Corners Brewing Co. “As consumers gravitate to new beverages like hard seltzers, we see an opportunity to deliver a unique and elevated flavor experience. People tell us they want more flavor vs. traditional seltzer but also want reasonable calories and ABV in a beverage. Buchalada delivers on all three through a balance of craft-brewed kombucha and bubbly, hard seltzer.”

BuchaLada cans is sold in 4-packs and will retail for about $9.99. For more information, visit:

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