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Grupo imasD: Makeover Challenge Concept & Strategy Unveiled!

The designers looked to the ocean for inspiration for the colorway.




Grupo imasD: Makeover Challenge Concept & Strategy Unveiled!

I love how Grupo imasD started with this great exercise on what makes the Aquarium, the Aquarium,” Kayla Halchak, membership manager, South Carolina Aquarium, says. “This initial activity explored our brand beyond even what was on the creative brief.”

The learnings from this exercise enabled the Grupo imasD team to embark on each aspect of the project with a cohesive and comprehensive mission—starting with the Kids Club logo. “When we talked about representing the movement of the ocean into the project, we saw an opportunity with the logo,” David Freyre, partner and design director at Grupo imasD, says. “We created an animated logo design that is also effective as a static image on the packaging, membership card and club passport. By evoking the movement of the ocean, the logo design builds on a topic from our collaboration with the South Carolina Aquarium team—the idea of the ocean as a moving, living thing.”

Grupo imasD also looked to the ocean for inspiration for the colorway. “We asked ourselves, “ Freyre says, “’How can we give the Aquarium a fresh color palette that’s still relatable?’ We wanted a bold approach because the target market—children— like vibrant extremes. We found those colors in the ocean, starting with the colorful coral. We also saw that aquatic shapes and textures could boldly tell the brand story in a relevant way.”

This bold approach can be seen in all the deliverables, from logo to club iconography, webpage designs to the stamp collection book, and membership card to shipper. “Every piece created by Grupo imasD looked like they belonged together,” Halchak remarks. “While some of our team’s feedback was a little mixed on the current colorway, we loved that they used color boldly and consistently in everything from physical objects to the webpages.

“The webpages are great,” Halchak continues. “Grupo imasD was another agency that went beyond what we asked for; They created this interactive game. It was one of many fresh ideas from the team.”

The membership card concept, which is worn on a lanyard, is another fresh take on the project deliverables. Transforming the card into a wearable can help the South Carolina Aquarium tie the Kids Club into the individual child’s personal branding.


Another Kids Club concept designed to play a larger role in a child’s life is the stamp book. “This very nice park In Columbia, where we are from, has more of a passport than a traditional stamp book,” Freyre explains. “We brought that analogy to the Aquarium project because a passport is something kids and adults save. Passport stamps spark memories and help ensure the child has a positive emotional connection with the Aquarium well into adulthood.

“I’m talking a lot about our team and their ideas, but we’re proud of our work because it was a collaborative project,” Freyre says. “We appreciate Kayla’s feedback and how the South Carolina Aquarium team worked with us to make the ideas better. We try to be collaborative with all of our clients—paying and charitable—because that collaboration leads to more impactful projects.”

Grupo imasD also tries to deliver impactful projects for nonprofits often. “Every year, we donate services to a project for social impact,” says Freyre, “because we like to help initiatives that might see design as an unreachable tool to evolve their organizations. It’s also excellent for our staff development. Our team enjoys doing something that gives back, and the nonprofits are usually open to new ideas, which allows the team to stretch their ideation skills.”

Linda Casey is the editor-in-chief of BXP.

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