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Jenny Craig Launches ‘Jenny Craig Cares’ for More Earth-Friendly, Personalized and Convenient Weight Loss





Jenny Craig, a leader in the weight loss industry, is rolling out its new Jenny Craig Cares program, offering earth-friendly packaging and greater convenience and customization than ever before. The enhanced program will continue to incorporate Jenny Craig’s science-backed approach to weight loss, offer personalized support from a dedicated consultant, and appeal to the modern consumer’s need for convenience, customization and sustainability.


The new Jenny Craig Cares program includes a one-week delivery option in order to reduce the amount of storage needed and waste produced with each order – the latest step in Jenny Craig’s journey to becoming more eco-friendly. The one-week meal delivery packaging is 30% smaller with the use of KTM Industries’ Green Cell Foam insulation that is 100% compostable and water soluble. Innovative features of the Green Cell Foam compostable insulation include:

  • Dissolves in freshwater or seawater, allowing small pieces to be placed in the sink that safely “melt” down the drain
  • Can be placed in a bucket of water to sit overnight, creating an ideal plant food mixture
  • Burns cleanly and safely in fireplaces, firepits and power plants, and can be used to start your barbecue

The outer box from Jenny Craig is 100% recyclable. By switching to the smaller delivery box, Jenny Craig will be saving more than 770 trees per year.

In addition to the new more sustainable packaging, the one-week deliveries offer a complete healthy meal plan including seven days’ worth of breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks that require minimal prep or planning time for today’s busy consumer. Members also have access to the Jenny Craig concierge team, providing white-glove service for online orders, hassle-free reordering, and the ability to connect with a dedicated consultant virtually. Members can also choose from new personalized menu options such as low-sugar, meatless, and those specially formulated for women and men – with more launching soon.

“We recognize that today’s consumers seek brands that offer convenient, personalized and earth-friendly options, and we are committed to delivering all three. With our Jenny Craig Cares program, we seek to not only improve people’s lives but also improve the environment,” said Monty Sharma, Jenny Craig CEO and president.


 “With more than 35 years of experience helping members achieve better health, Jenny Craig is proud to introduce these new enhancements that further underscore our dedication to effective weight loss with the consistent help of a personal consultant,” added Sharma.

Learn more about Jenny Craig programs here.

SOURCE: Jenny Craig

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