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Kick Creates Dairy Brand for MN Finnish Dairy Farmer with Ten Kids

Minnesota-local is a key aspect of the brand.



Kick Creates Dairy Brand for MN Finnish Dairy Farmer with Ten Kids

(PRESS RELEASE) Minneapolis branding + design agency, Kick, created the new Ten Finns Creamery brand for Minnesota’s first A2 only dairy herd and creamery, which launched their first product in December 2019.

A dairy farm with a mission

Joel and Amanda Hendrickson are 5th generation Finnish dairy farmers in Menagha, MN. Their ten kids, Zach, Maddie, Julia, Lucy, Lily, Maria, Lane, Nora, Finn and Emma, were the inspiration behind the Ten Finns brand. Their farm is a family affair, including their cows, which is why each cow is tagged with a name specially selected by the kids. The kids play a big role in the daily love and care of the herd, and their family mission is to the teach their little ones the value of honest work and producing a premium, nutritious product.

Finding a growth opportunity in the shrinking dairy market

The dairy industry is struggling. According to Dairy Herd Management magazine, 2,700 dairy farms closed in 2018, which is almost 7% of licensed dairy farms in the U.S. To compete in a declining market Joel knew he needed a new strategy. He saw the growth of the A2 Milk Company® from New Zealand making inroads in the U.S. securing distribution in Walmart and Costco. The A2 Milk Company invests millions of dollars in educating consumers on the benefits of A2 milk. Ten Finn’s Creamery can offer what the global A2 Milk Company can’t, a local A2 dairy product for Minnesota consumers from a Minnesota dairy farm.

Minnesota’s first A2 only herd and creamery

What are A2 cows? Most dairy cows have evolved to produce milk containing A1 proteins in addition to the original A2 proteins. The A1 protein is often the cause of digestive discomfort in many milk drinkers. The Ten Finns Creamery is the only MN dairy and creamery to have exclusively A2 cows. They currently produce a whole milk product and tubs of butter and sell locally. They have plans to grow distribution in stores across Minnesota, and add Skim, 2% and chocolate milk.

Standing out in the dairy section

To stand out on shelves, Kick created a complete brand identity system taking inspiration from the family’s Finnish heritage — even naming the brand J. A robust visual system for Ten Finns was developed with a playful pattern featuring the ten kids, their cows and the farm. By repeating design elements, bright, bold colors and illustrations the brand taps into traditional Finnish folk art. The brand tone is down to earth and family-friendly, inviting interaction by encouraging milk drinkers to find all 10 cows on the carton. The strong branding system is extending to new product forms and line extensions as well.

Since Minnesota-local is a key aspect of the brand, the MN state shape is prevalent on all touchpoints to communicate quickly it’s locally made and it’s natural A2 milk. The brand also educates consumers on the difference between A1 and A2 cows and explains their low-temperature pasteurization process — watch the video ton the website to learn more! ( )


Kick has partnered on all the Ten Finns branding launch elements: naming, brand identity system, packaging, collateral, website and video.

So far, Ten Finns is sold in Northern Minnesota and is aiming to be in your store soon. Ask for it at your local grocery!

About Kick
Kick is a Minneapolis-based brand strategy, branding and design agency, delivering badass ideas and innovative consumer experiences for forward-thinking brands from innovative startups, challenger brands and established Fortune 50 companies. Clients include Becton Dickinson, Fruitables, Kings Hawaiian, Nonin, Nutri-Vet, Oxbow Animal Health, The Naughty Greek and Triple Crown Nutrition. Our expertise spans from brand strategy, identity and campaigns to packaging, websites and social media, with more than a little of everything in between. Learn more.

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