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Magnum Celebrates 10 Years with New Look, Products

Premium food brand rolls out updated package design, new products for anniversary celebrations with celebs.




WHEN UNILEVER CHOSE to celebrate the 10-year anniversary of Magnum ice cream in the U.S., the packaged goods giant did it with a little help from its friends. You see, Rachel Bilson helped launched the brand in the U.S. with the iconic advertising campaign that featured her literally leaping for the luxurious treats. Bilson, joined by brand partner Rebecca Minkoff and fellow chocolate lovers, took to Instagram to highlight the brand’s anniversary by sharing how they celebrate life’s moments with Magnum ice cream.

To dress up the snack brand, Unilever also gave Magnum ice cream’s packaging a new look. The new packaging includes mouthwatering photos of chocolatey bars and tubs, a sleek new logo, the product’s cacao percentage, and “made with Belgian chocolate” directly on-pack

New products, with the new package designs of course, were also launched to honor Magnum’s 10th anniversary. The new products are:

Magnum Ice Cream Truffle Bars, which are inspired by the rich, sweet decadence of chocolate truffles. Magnum ice cream has introduced its first Ice Cream Truffle Bars in three flavors: Mini Dark Chocolate Truffle, Mini Berry Truffle and Double Chocolate Vanilla Truffle.

Magnum Mini Dark Chocolate Truffle Bars, which feature dark chocolate ganache sauce, swirled through a dark chocolate ice cream, and then dipped in a dark chocolate shell. Made with 68% cacao. It’s now Mini and 140 calories.

Magnum Mini Berry Truffle Bars, which are made with dark chocolate ganache sauce that’s swirled through a fruity strawberry ice cream. Everything is then dipped in a dark chocolate shell. Also, now mini and 140 calories.


Magnum Double Chocolate Vanilla Truffle Bars that start with a dark chocolate ganache sauce, swirled throughout classic vanilla ice cream, and also dipped in a creamy milk chocolate shell.

Linda Casey is the editor-in-chief of BXP.

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