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Meet Spark-Brighter Thinking, the Third Team in BXP’s 2021 Makeover Challenge

Growing creative firm offers range of capabilities.




Meet Spark-Brighter Thinking, the Third Team in BXP’s 2021 Makeover Challenge

Spark–Brighter Thinking


Spark–Brighter Thinking is a different kind of creative firm. Our strategic approach and technology solutions set our packaging designs apart—from CPG to gifting and specialty to complex packaging systems.

We’re global, with teams in more than a dozen cities in the U.S., Europe and Asia. We work with brands of all sizes and in all parts of their journey, including the best-in-class, up-and-comers and wily contenders.

Founded under AGI, back when record albums were the norm, Spark built a strong reputation and identity in the entertainment industry, creating award-winning specialty packages for Disney, Warner Bros. and Paramount. Later, branching out into work for consumer electronics giants Sony and Microsoft, we developed special processes and tools as bridges between creative design and creative execution.

Fast-forward a couple years. Spark acquired branding and packaging consultancy Design North with 50 years of success and experience. This acquisition gave Spark strategic design expertise in food, beverage, consumer electronics and durables. It also added Smithfield Foods, Snap-on Tools and Omron Healthcare to the client roster, as well as smaller, emerging brands. Those keep us grounded and authentic.

Spark’s expertise and services have continued to grow. Our North America team added the Spark Packaging Lab, for technical services, in Seattle, and a new office in Los Angeles.

Our comprehensive, end-to-end approach spans brand strategy, graphic and structural development through to adaptation, localization, prototyping and even transit testing for ecommerce. Our range gives clients confidence that we can help them meet their toughest challenges.


Meet Spark-Brighter Thinking, the Third Team in BXP’s 2021 Makeover Challenge


Using our end-to-end capabilities, global reach and unique technical expertise, we customize the traditional process of research, creative exploration and realization.

We add or modify steps proven to help us deliver great creative, efficient and timely product launches and superior quality. We back that up with actionable data that helps marketing teams make informed decisions and track results. We do all this in a highly secure, digital environment.

Creative design is a sweet spot for Spark. So, too, are adaptation and localization. To manage rollouts across multiple form factors and for varying territories, we customize our process to meet clients’ unique requirements, reducing friction and enabling client teams to focus on what they do best.

We’re a curious group that first seeks to understand consumer behavior, then uses our creativity and expertise to deliver customers and results. We consider each step in the entire process carefully and work to innovate at every step along the way—with a different approach to sustainability, a fine-tuned workflow that encourages collaboration or an automated process that reduces repetitive tasks on both large scale and localized programs.

 Extensions and seasonal offerings have thier own personality while maintaining core brand elements.

Extensions and seasonal offerings have thier own personality while maintaining core brand elements.


Spark worked with TH Foods to help position one of its growing brands as a leader of the better-for-you snack offerings.

Research showed that the foundation of the Crunchmaster brand had become diluted. Spark and TH Foods’ overall objectives became to update the graphics, simplify the shopping experience and gain trial. And, because the brand was growing, we also needed to create a system to handle various line extensions.

The redesign features photography with strong appetite appeal, flavor naming to resonate with today’s shopper and a system that builds the brand while distinguishing the various platforms. All products feature a colorful chevron shape. Positioned to create consistent alignment and rhythm on shelf, this shape anchors the line while photography and typography differentiate products. IRI data showed an immediate 4% sales increase, and in the two years post launch, the brand grew a total of 24%. In this same period, 26 products launched—demonstrating nimble collaboration between marketing, research-and-development and operations.

BXP elevates the value of innovative and collaborative brand package design as a strategic business competence across the omni-channel path to purchase, to ultimately help consumer facing and retail brands deliver more relevant experiences that connect with shoppers, win at shelf, own the moment of sale and maximize brand loyalty.

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