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New Poseidon Rises: Advancement in folding carton technology using 3D imagery and more



New Poseidon Rises: Advancement in folding carton technology using 3D imagery and more

A new generation of folding carton technology, which enables brand owners and designers to showcase aspirational products in evermore stunning, sales-enhancing packaging concepts, has been introduced by international foil and visual effects specialists, Fresnels Innovations Ltd.

Featuring advanced proprietary 3D imagery and created from leading edge print and design materials, the award-winning Poseidon box can feature as the centerpiece of a luxury brand strategy, using sophisticated, elegant and environmentally sensitive cutting-edge packaging that delivers enhanced consumer shelf appeal and added value in the retail environment. 

The development echoes advances in nanostructure print technology to create designs reflecting a product’s essence as part of packaging. Additional benefits include state-of-the-art anti-counterfeiting measures for brand protection, traceability and control of grey markets. The use of recyclable materials also chimes with the Poseidon concept, personifying a new generation of packaging innovation that respects the environment.

Cellini digital sculpturing technology features in the Poseidon box, providing an appealing and cost-effective option for delivering 3D tactile imagery to the packaging without the use of expensive laminates. Packaging incorporating Cellini imagery is fully recyclable, enhancing its appeal as an environmentally friendly option in luxury packaging applications.

The application of new foil technology offers a more visually engaging alternative to ink counterparts as it exchanges color when rotated to augment the all-round packaging experience—inks can only do this when tilted.

The capacity to incorporate complex, visually alluring imagery into transfer film that can then be applied to recyclable paper and cardboard packaging substrates, is also a pioneering development, imparting brand luxury and warmth as part of the Poseidon box’s overall elemental appeal and feel.


This is achieved using Driems transfer film: a recyclable film manufactured with Cellini technology and delivered to laminators as master rolls for transference to the paper board of their choice, offering flexibility and versatility in the production process—the sheeted material is manufactured with the individual images accurately placed within the sheet as required by subsequent print and die cutting processes.  

In recognition of its innovative use of advanced materials, the Foil & Speciality Effects Association’s (FSEA) Gold Leaf Awards 2020, which received more than 300 entrants, saw POSEIDON box a prize winner in the ‘Best Use of Holographics’ category—the judges cited the box’s use of plastic free, recyclable products as particularly impressive.

Dr Glenn Wood, Fresnels Inc. COO, said: “Poseidon is award winning luxury packaging that signifies a step-up in design sophistication, originality and visual impact, expanding opportunities for ever more inventive and creative solutions for brand leaders and their packaging designers and suppliers. 

 “It’s environmental credentials, use of advanced materials and processes, and integral print enhancement technologies above and below the print layer all combine to produce a final solution that’s more impactful and secure than ever before. Now, the packaging industry can have the folding carton it always wanted—and to have it recognized by the FSEA is a huge endorsement of its quality, sophistication and, ultimately, commercial potential.”


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