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Old Spice Testing New Package Designs at Experiential Barbershop

Brand team will leverage real-time feedback from customers.




Old Spice Testing New Package Designs at Experiential Barbershop
Credit: Old Spice

Old Spice is charting new territory with a recently opened experiential barbershop in Columbus, OH, where the men’s grooming label will test new package designs in the retail portion of the space.

The 3,500-square-foot space, just blocks away from The Ohio State University, is part learning lab and part content studio, with a thoughtfully designed barbershop at the heart of the space.

The new concept will allow the brand team to work closely with R&D in observing customer interactions with new products – real-time feedback that can be used to inform future product development and presentation.

Essentially, Old Spice has created a revolving-door focus group within a distinctive retail concept. Chalk it up as another innovation from a brand – known for their irreverent, quirky ad campaigns – that prides itself on standing out.

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