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Sun-Maid Feeds Imagination in New Brand Campaign

Iconic raisin brand celebrates the wonder and power of imagination to life.




Sun-Maid Feeds Imagination in New Brand Campaign

(PRESS RELEASE) Sun-Maid celebrates imagination and creativity through a company-wide commitment. As part of the new “Imagine That” campaign, Sun-Maid will appoint its first “Board of Imagination,” pulling together some of its newly-titled research and development department, insights team and executives with the most imaginative minds—kids. As its first order of business, Sun-Maid’s Board of Imagination will grant its employees a paid company holiday: “Imagination Day.” Sun-Maid’s Imagination Day will take place on April 30, which is also National Raisin Day, when Sun-Maid will encourage staff to take part in an activity that will enrich their thinking and enhance their creativity.

“Imagination has always been at the heart of Sun-Maid’s purpose—we nurture childhood and help Mom find new, better-for-you snacking options that provide both the health benefits that she wants and the delicious tastes that her kids crave,” says Harry Overly, president, CEO and newly-named “Chief Imagination Wrangler” of Sun-Maid Growers of California. “Now it’s time to demonstrate how dedicated we are to imagination—not just in creating innovative snacks, but as a core value for how we operate and work every day.”

Board of Imagination Begins Recruitment in February
Starting in February, parents will have the opportunity to nominate kids aged six to 12 for one of five open seats on Sun-Maid’s Imagination Board. As board members, kids will learn about Sun-Maid’s 100-plus year history as a growers’ cooperative, how raisins are made, sustainability practices and how Sun-Maid transforms whole fruit raisins into innovative snacks. The group will also provide input to guide future decision-making at the company. Applications will be available in February, and families will be asked to fill out a short questionnaire on the Sun-Maid website to apply. Each child will receive $5,000 for themselves in the form of a 529 donation, and $5,000 to go to their school. The kids’ schools will also enjoy a year’s supply of Sun-Maid snacks. The Board of Imagination will convene virtually in April for its first meeting.

A Day Devoted to Imagination
At the April meeting, the Board of Imagination members will officially approve Imagination Day and help suggest a list of activities employees can use as inspiration for how to use the time off. Employees will be asked to report back to their manager with ideas and creativity that grew from the time away.

“Imaginations have never been so important—new routines, ways to entertain the kids, multitask, make meals and constantly manage the requests for snacks—2020 tested us and showed the value of creativity,” commented Overly. “It’s crucial that we give each other the space and time to nurture imaginations, which is one of our most important assets. Not only are we planning to give our employees a paid Imagination Day in 2021, but we are encouraging other companies to do the same. Just imagine what a day to recharge and find inspiration would yield—not only in employee morale but in actual creativity.”

Imagine That Marketing Campaign
Consumers will see Sun-Maid’s commitment to imagination with a new national TV spot and 360-marketing campaign that highlights the imaginative, whole-fruit snacks that Sun-Maid creates every day. The multi-pronged creative campaign spans national television, streaming video, social, search, PR and influencers.


“Our creative campaign showcases Sun-Maid’s imaginative world of whole-fruit snacks – like Sour Raisin Snacks and Bites—all made possible by the humble raisin,” said Overly. “We worked in conjunction with our agency partner quench, to visually realize the innovative process we go through to keep our snacks with whole-fruit at the core, wrapped in new flavor possibilities.”

The campaign highlights three of Sun-Maid’s most recent snacking innovations:

  • Sour Raisin Snacks: Sun-Maid Sour Raisin Snacks are whole fruit snacks that taste like sour candy. Taking the raisin up a level, Sun-Maid uses golden raisins and simply adds a little sour pucker of natural fruit flavoring. No added sugar, and nothing artificial—these treats provide an entirely new flavor experience. Sour Raisin Snacks come in four flavors for other tastes—including Watermelon and Mixed Berry in addition to Strawberry and Blue Raspberry.
  • Bites: Like every Sun-Maid snack, Bites start with naturally sweet whole fruit. Crunchy nuts and toasted oats make them Mom-approved, while no artificial flavors and five grams of added sugar or less keep Bites as good as they are delicious. Available in four kid-friendly flavors—Birthday Cake, S’Mores, PB&J and Banana Split—the new snacks are bite-sized and better-for-you.
  • Yogurt Covered Raisins: Non-GMO and made with natural flavors, Yogurt Covered Raisins feed cravings and feature the whole raisin at the core. The various flavors—including Chocolate, Vanilla, Peanut Butter, PB&J and Strawberry—wrap around the fruit to pack delicious flavor along with nutrition.

For more information about Sun-Maid snacks or its commitment to imagination, visit that. Also on the website, consumers can use the product locator to find the brand’s whole fruit snacks in a store nearest them, or visit the Sun-Maid Market to purchase snacks.
For more updates on the brand and its products, follow Sun-Maid on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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