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Tchibo Brings Fresh, Sustainable Coffee Experience to the U.S.

The brand makes its U.S. debut this fall.




Tchibo Brings Fresh, Sustainable Coffee Experience to the U.S.

“There is little differentiation and innovation in the coffee category in the U.S.; leaning in to our brand heritage and decades of coffee proficiency, Tchibo is bringing a cleaner, more sustainable and fresher coffee experience to the U.S.,” said Thomas Linemayr, Chief Executive Officer, Tchibo. The brand, which is pronounced  (CHEE-bo) coffee makes its U.S. debut this fall. Distributed by Rainmaker Food Solutions, LLC, a distribution partner renowned for bringing better food choices to the consumer in a responsible, honest, contemporary and sustainable manner, Tchibo will be available at a broad selection of retailers in eight target Midwest markets (Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Ohio, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri and Wisconsin). Tchibo brings over 70 years of experience mastering the art and science of coffee freshness, from bean to cup.

“As the pandemic continues to impact coffee behavior and consumption, consumers are looking for a brand to trust, one providing a reliable, authentic experience from the comfort of home. With a strategic commitment to building and delivering a strong foundation of differentiated product, services and solutions, the time is right to bring the Tchibo experience to the U.S. and get the first batches brewed in these new markets,” added Linemayr.

The Tchibo Difference is grounded in the concept of RÖST FRISCH. Tchibo has redefined what it means to be fresh: from growing and harvesting to roasting and packaging, every step in the Tchibo process is dedicated to creating exquisitely fresh coffee for consumers to enjoy at home. It’s not when you make it, but how you make it. At the exact moment when beans’ flavors are most vibrant, fresh and intense from the roasters, they are sealed to lock in different aromas as well as lock oxygen out. The sleek, gold packaging is innovatively engineered with the patented Aroma Protect Technology™ to preserve the smell and taste of the exquisitely crafted coffees until they are poured into a cup. The team of Tchibo Röstmeister single roast the beans to a perfect finish, allowing their unique character and aromas to fully and individually develop.

Tchibo recognizes that in order to achieve the freshest, most sustainable coffee, it’s imperative to have a healthy planet. The company believes in fair business practices along the coffee value chain. As a family-owned business, Tchibo has been personally and culturally committed to sustainability and fairness for decades. Tchibo is one of the leading drivers in sustainable coffee initiatives and fairness standards, and committed to protecting the future of coffee, the environment, biodiversity, water resources, and workers safety and rights.

Available in ground or whole beans and in an assortment of sizes and formats, Tchibo will launch with a selection of its finest and freshest coffees, ranging in price from $9.99 to $17.49. The four varieties include Morning Blend, Colombia Origin, Classic Blend and Röstmeister.

“Our goal is to put ‘better for you’ products into the market and the commitment of Tchibo to freshness, sustainability and innovative technology is superb. With the rise in at-home coffee consumption and continued changing consumer behavior as a result of the pandemic, there has never been a more important time to provide better choices to consumers,” said Chris Mattina, Founder and President, Rainmaker Food Solutions.

About Tchibo

Founded in 1949, Tchibo has been delighting coffee connoisseurs for over 70 years. Now available in the U.S. and carried throughout Europe, Tchibo is the roasted coffee market leader in several European countries. In addition to coffee products, Tchibo operates a wide range of non-food businesses in Europe with a large retail arm operating in more than 900 shops, 24,300 outposts at third-party retail outlets, and online stores. Tchibo has 11,450 employees worldwide, and generated revenues of over $3.6 billion in 2019.

The Tchibo difference is grounded in the concept of RÖST FRISCH, redefining what it means to be fresh. From growing and harvesting to roasting and packaging, every step in the Tchibo process is ‘fresher by design’ and dedicated to creating exquisitely fresh coffee for consumers to enjoy at home. Tchibo recognizes that it is imperative to have a healthy planet to achieve the freshest and most sustainable coffee. With global headquarters in Hamburg, the family-owned business has been recognized with multiple awards for its sustainable, fair-trade practices, including the award for Corporate Ethics and the Environmental Logistics Award and the European Union’s CSR Award. Learn more at

Linda Casey is the editor-in-chief of BXP.

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