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The New Go-to-Market Playbook for CPG Brands

CPGs have new opportunities to contribute directly to brands’ bottom lines.




WOOING SHOPPERS IS A CPG obsession, and with good reason. Brands, especially those that make fast-moving consumer goods, know that end-consumer demand drives reseller sales. But what if consumer demand drove sales, period?

Shopper behaviors have changed dramatically over the past year, especially the adoption of online shopping across generations. Yes, much of the enthusiasm for online shopping can be attributed to global lockdowns due to health and safety concerns. That doesn’t change the fact that the impact of these new shopper behavior is tremendous.

Thanks to 2020, an unprecedented number of shoppers from all generations now have firsthand experience buying everything from groceries to pet products online. Armed with the knowledge of how easy and convenient online shopping can be, many of these shoppers plan to continue to buy online long after the pandemic has ended.

This means that CPGs with the right package designs and go-to-market strategies can recognize unprecedented opportunities to elevate consumer-brand relationships in ways that contribute directly to brands’ bottom lines.

That’s why we’ve filled this issue with plenty of tips and advice on how to evolve your package designs and brand strategies to sell as well on the virtual shelf as the retail one—from our report, “Evolution of a Relationship,” starting on page 30, to news from the pet market, spotlighted on page 7. But let’s start things off simply with four fantastic tips to elevate your brand’s online game.

The New Go-to-Market Playbook for CPG Brands

4 Smart Tips for Online Success

  1. Test your package designs for both large online retailers and dedicated online shopping portals.
  2. Seek synergistic opportunities with other consumer-facing brands to boost your brand’s online presence
  3. Use the Internet to implement virtual consultative selling experiences cost-effectively.
  4. Don’t be pretty just for pretty’s sake. Create telegraphic package designs that tell a brand story.

Linda Casey is the editor-in-chief of BXP.

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