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TPE As a Legally Food-Safe Material




(PRESS RELEASE) A great cross-section of industries has been preoccupied with TPE (thermoplastic elastomers) for several decades. This is a development which Actega DS has already anticipated by focusing on TPE as a sealing material which is free of PVC and phthalates. Already in use since the early 1980s as a sealing mass for crown caps and subsequently for aluminum and plastic seals, complex development over several years produced PROVALIN as the world’s first and to date only sealing material free of PVC and plasticizers for vacuum twist caps. For the protection of the consumer and in line with the demands of the food industry, it was possible to dispense with the use of PVC and the plasticizers contained therein, thereby avoiding a potential impairment to smell, taste and health. The development of a sealing compound may appear to be a small step but it can give rise to a revolutionary change when combined with the associated technology. Today, PROVALIN seals are available for a variety of applications and products, and TPE materials are used in a wide variety of markets such as the equally highly-sensitive environments of medical technology, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics also represented by Actega DS.

The high recognition of TPE gave rise to an independent event. For the past fifteen years, the TPE Conference has been held annually as a top event in the sector. From London to Amsterdam, Brussels to Berlin, the Conference attracts the attention of leading European TPE manufacturers, processors and end consumers. This year’s Conference on November 13 and 14 in Berlin focuses on developments for medical technical applications and in the packaging sector, general market developments, new TPE materials especially with regard to their organic proportion, biopolymers, high-temperature TPE and flame-retardant compounds. In its capacity as a TPE expert, Actega DS was asked to provide some insights into the world of TPE and to present the developments and applications for the areas of food packaging, medical technology and pharmaceuticals.

“Disposable friendly plastic packaging” and in this context “TPE as  sealing material” are themes at the Innoform Coaching event from February 28 to March 1, 2013 in Würzburg. Actega DS will give a lecture about “Strategy for avoiding materials regarded as critical”, “TPE as a recyclable and food-safe material”, “Encouraging examples of packaging”.

Today PROVALIN is a byword for tested quality (certified through independent test laboratories). It is available in different variants and for lots of applications including hot or cold filling or subsequent heat treatment such as pasteurization and sterilization and for different seal sizes.

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