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U:ME-Shaking up the oils category



U:ME-Shaking up the oils category

Edible Oils Limited (EOL) is today launching U:ME, a new range of specialty cooking oils with brand strategy, design and naming by design consultancy Brandon.
The U:ME range will initially include Sun-Olive, Coconut and Organic Rapeseed variants with other variants to follow and will start rolling out in major retailers this month.
EOL wanted to create NPD in this category in response to a growing demand for specialty oils. There was a clear gap in the market for educating consumers by de-mystifying oils and creating honest, no nonsense short cuts on the best way to use them.

Shaking up the oils category

Simon Ellis, Creative Director at Brandon said “Shopping for oils is functional and often uninspiring. With varying levels of engagement towards cooking in the UK, consumers are largely unclear about which oil to choose and why. Specialty oils are even more unfamiliar.

The oils category has a wide range of products, all with different benefits and usages but with no consistent product truths running through. So our challenge was to create a brand that would not only demystify the category, but also help to inspire confidence in the kitchen.”

A brand to challenge the rest
The U:ME packaging is completely different to anything that currently sits on shelf within the oils category. A lively and approachable brand with an educational tone of voice. The bright on-pack colour palette packs a punch and paired with delicious food photography, challenges the ‘norms’ found in the category.
Steve Conchie, Creative Director at Brandon says: “We’re so proud of our work, developing U:ME to help shake up what is usually quite a serious category. The name lends itself to fun and educational brand campaigns in the future which reflects how U:ME wants consumers to think about cooking.” 
Ria Joyce, Senior Marketing Manager at Edible Oils Ltd says: “Brandon has successfully created an exciting new brand for the Edible Oils portfolio. We are so excited to be launching this range and look forward to what is next for U:ME, with its’ strong innovation pipeline in place. Brandon are now working with us to develop an exciting and ownable communications campaign to support this launch.



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