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Vita Coco teams up with Lonely Whale to launch a sustainably focused water brand




Vita Coco teams up with Lonely Whale to launch a sustainably focused water brand

 Ever & Ever, a new aluminum canned water brand, launches today to disrupt the conventional water category dominated by single-use plastic. Ever & Ever is owned and produced by All Market Inc. (AMI), the parent company of leading coconut water brand Vita Coco and organic energy drink brand Runa.

Unlike single-use plastic water bottles, Ever & Ever aluminum bottles are easily and infinitely recyclable when disposed of correctly in a recycling bin. Nearly 75% of aluminum ever produced is still in use today, compared to 91% of plastic waste having never been recycled. Yet, one million single-use plastic bottles are sold every minute around the world, according to market research group Euromonitor.

AMI is introducing Ever & Ever as a catalyst for change in the water aisle to give consumers on the go – who left their reusable water bottles at home – the opportunity to purchase single-use waters that won’t harm the environment.

“We are in the business of selling beverages in single-use packaging, and our team shares a passionate commitment to finding ways to neutralize our impact on the environment,” said Mike Kirban, CEO of AMI. “As an agile, independent company, we know AMI is uniquely positioned to help address this issue, and we are so proud and eager to get this environmentally-friendly water brand in the hands of our consumers.”

Jane Prior, chief marketing officer of AMI, added: “Consumers are increasingly aware of the negative impact of single-use plastic, yet their choices in grocery and convenience stores are limited. When recycled, an aluminum bottle can be turned into a new can in as little as 60 days, so we knew it was the most viable, sustainable alternative to single-use plastic water bottles. It’s been a sprint, but we’re excited to see Ever & Ever on store shelves around the U.S.”

After partnering with award-winning incubator Lonely Whale on Vita Coco’s long-term sustainability initiatives, the company identified the opportunity to launch Ever & Ever in conjunction with Lonely Whale’s Question How You Hydrate campaign. Question How You Hydrate is a new movement that empowers consumers to choose and champion sustainable alternatives to single-use plastic water bottles.


As part of the campaign, Lonely Whale, Ever & Ever and other #HydrateLike partners are launching a pop-up Museum of Plastic in New York City. The museum will illustrate an ocean free from plastic waste and the solutions available to everyday consumers to inspire action and make a positive impact. The Museum of Plastic is available for a limited time at 473-475 Broadway, NYC. It will open to the public on June 8.

Ever & Ever is sold in 16-ounce Alumi Tek bottles from Ball Corporation for $1.99 each and in 12-packs for $23.99. Ever & Ever is a reverse osmosis water from infinitely renewable sources with added electrolytes for balance. It is available for purchase at, Amazon, and and will soon be available at retail stores nationally.

To learn more about Ever & Ever, visit You can also connect with Ever & Ever on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram (coming soon).


Ever & Ever aluminum canned water is a product of All Market Inc., the parent company of top beverage brands Vita Coco and Runa. Ever & Ever is a catalyst for change in the water aisle and gives consumers on the go – who left their reusable water bottles at home – the opportunity to purchase single-use waters that won’t harm the environment. Ever & Ever is available for purchase at, Amazon, and will soon be available at retail stores nationally. For more information, please visit


Vita Coco is the leading coconut water beverage brand, celebrated for bringing the benefits of coconuts to the world. Championed by informed consumers, health and wellness experts, pro-athletes and celebrities for its nutrient-rich hydration, Vita Coco’s portfolio now includes sparkling coconut water, coconut milk, coconut oil, and MCT oil. Vita Coco was co-founded in 2004 by CEO Mike Kirban and Ira Liran and is a part of All Market Inc., one of the world’s largest privately-owned better-for-you portfolio beverage companies. For more information, please visit


All Market Inc. (AMI) is one of the largest privately-owned beverage companies in the world. Co-founded in 2004 by CEO Michael Kirban and Ira Liran, its brands include the leading coconut water beverage Vita Coco and clean energy drink, Runa. With its ability to harness the power of people and plants, AMI is poised to become the leading global better-for-you-beverage brand. For more information, please visit or



Lonely Whale is an award-winning incubator for courageous ideas that drive impactful market-based change on behalf of our ocean. Founded in December 2015 by Adrian Grenier and Lucy Sumner, Lonely Whale is inspired by the power of community to create the change needed to ensure a healthy planet. Lonely Whale is working towards a new era of radical collaboration, together facilitating the creation of innovative ideas that push the boundary on current trends in technology, media and advocacy that positively impact the health of our ocean. The organization spearheaded the global Strawless Ocean movement, which permanently removes single-use plastic straws from establishments and markets, and NextWave Plastics, the first global network of ocean-bound plastics supply chains. Lonely Whale’s work has been recognized by Fast Company’s World Changing Ideas and Most Innovative Companies, the Shorty Awards, the ADDY Awards, the SEAL Awards, the P4G 2018 Circular Economy Award sponsored by the Danish Government, the HALO Awards, and more. Lonely Whale is a proud supporter of the UN Environment’s #CleanSeas campaign. To learn more and support, visit or follow @LonelyWhale.

SOURCE All Market Inc.

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