Welcome to BXP

Welcome to BXP—Your Newest Magazine Creation, Learning Resource and Community Connector

The Package Design community has always led the way in the evolution of PD—from our start as an event, which was dedicated to package design as a discipline, to a magazine, focused on the trade, to the publication, whether it’s the print edition held in your hands or in your digital device, committed to package design as a marketing competence and our annual conference that celebrates the design community and emphasizes its strategic business value.

What the PD community told us was the market needed a brand design strategy and insights resource that still recognized that packaging is and will remain a powerful marketing vehicle for their brands but recognizes that the community members are increasingly responsible for contributing or creating the complete brand experience.

So we embarked on a journey to create this resource for you. With our friends at Digital Echidna, LPK and Nielsen, PD and our publishing company ST Media Group International embarked on a discovery on how best serve today’s market. The results are a brand new magazine, called Brand Experience or BXP for short; a new annual conference called BXP Live; and a new website, where you were directed today.

Take a look around, post a blog about trends and insights you’re observing using our retooled Community Voice form, and please let us know how we can guide and “parent” our newest creation together.

Linda Casey
Editor-in-Chief of Brand Experience