2017 Ameristar Package Awards

The Institute of Packaging Professionals

2017 AmeriStar Package Awards


Judges evaluated and analyzed packages from 14 categories in an online virtual process during the month of April. Judging was based on package innovation, sustainability, protection, economics, performance and marketing. Top AmeriStar winners included the Best of Show Award, the Sustainable Package Award and the Design Excellence Award.



Best of Show Award

Locked4Kids Certified Child-resistant and Senior-friendly Reclosable Package

Category: Drug & Pharmaceutical | By: Locked4Kids

The versatile packaging is difficult for young children to open, but easy for adults. Its interlocking components require the user to squeeze both side tabs simultaneously with one hand, and pull the tray out with the other hand. If the tuck flap is left open, the package contents are still not accessible with the tray locked in place.



Design Excellence Award

Eaton’s Neo-Ray Light Fixture

Category: Industrial/Commercial

By: Transparent Container Company

The clamshell packaging protects Eaton’s architectural lighting fixture from assembly to final activation. It allows testing and installation to be done without taking the product out of the package.



Sustainable Packaging Award

TempGuard Insulated Liners

Category: Industrial/Commercial

By: Sealed Air Corporation

TempGuard curbside recyclable, paper-fiber-cushioned box liners give 48 hours of thermal protection for perishable goods from warehouse to doorstep. They can be used efficiently inside boxes made from board stocks, or any other type of packaging material, to insulate with an R-value of 3.7 per inch.



Clasper Bottle Technology

Category: Beverages, Alcoholic

By: Plastic Technologies, Inc.

The Clasper blow-molded bottle technology provides a solution for products that cannot be premised or must be consumed in sequence. The first commercialization of this new technology is Yumix, a shelf-stable line of cocktails. The technology combines two PET containers, with the bottom container snapping into the base of the larger bottle. The smaller bottom container holds 50 mL of premium alcohol while the main bottle contains 6.5-oz. of hot-filled, shelf-stable juice.


urban decay

Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation Bottle

Category: Cosmetics | By: Fusion Packaging

The bottle overshell has a highly metalized, UV gunmetal effect that embodies luxury. The overshell houses a clarified clear polypropylene airless bottle, which allows for contact clarity so the user can easily select their foundation shade.



MAC Mariah Carey

Category: Cosmetics | By: MAC Cosmetics

The MAC Mariah Carey launch was a special decorated collection of 23 MAC products. Each of the 23 products in the collection has silver glitter and/or metallic gold elements in its packaging.



Cox Communications Modular Self-install Kits

Category: Electronics | By: Veritiv

The new DIY packaging design provides and improved modular kit for 20 electronics devices, and the setup and instructions are intuitive for consumers. The universal design minimizes SKUs, and the environmentally responsible packaging makes use of PaperFoam to minimize labor and corrugated to brace heavier items.



Farmhouse Culture Kraut

Category: Food, Refrigerated

By: ProAmpac

A one-way leak resistant degassing valve on a flexible, reclosable stand-up pouch. A press-to-close zipper allows the consumer to put the package back in the fridge rather than transferring uneaten sauerkraut to a secondary container. The pouches are also laser-scored for a clean and easy opening.



Good Foods Grab & Go

Category: Food, Refrigerated

By: Display Pack Inc.

reduce the risk of pathogen contamination, the dip cup portion of these packs is high-pressure after being filled and sealed with lidding film. The chip cup portion is filled and sealed with a foil lid on a separate machine, and then the two cups are snapped together and sealed together with a shrink wrap label.