Estrella Jalisco debuts premium foil top-sealed canned beer

Sixteen months after its launch in the U.S., Estrella Jalisco introduces one of its most innovative packaging elements in the canned beer category.

The new red seal packaging, featuring the Estrella Jalisco star gives the can a premium look that highlights the brand’s commitment to maintaining the integrity of its product.

"We take pride in the quality and heritage of Estrella Jalisco, and strive to ensure that our consumers have an excellent experience when consuming our carefully crafted brew," says Yonathan Bendesky, brand director for Anheuser-Busch, Mexican Imports. "The foil top is a threefold opportunity for us: the innovation adds a premium element to our consumer's experience, it allows our brand to differentiate itself in the marketplace, and it introduces an upgrade within the canned beer category."

According to the Beer Institute, more than 55 percent of beers consumed in the U.S. are served in cans and that number continues to rise.