Sprout Foods wins Best Bite Award

Sprout Foods has won the 2018 Delicious Living Best Bite Award for their Harvest Vegetables Apricots with Chicken organic baby food pouch.

The Harvest Vegetables Apricots with Chicken pouch is one of five varieties in Sprouts Stage 3 co-branded meat protein line and the first of its kind. Sprout has partnered with Mary’s Free-Range Chicken and Turkey, a third-generation U.S. family farm and organic prairie.

"At Sprout, we are committed to delivering the cleanest ingredient baby food and to providing transparency to parents in all that we do," says Meghan Earnest, Sprout's Brand Manager. "It started with being the first brand to offer all of our baby and toddler purees in clear pouch packaging, and expanded to being the first baby food company to co-brand our packaging with our organic meat farmers. We want consumers to know exactly what is in their food and where it comes from, and were proud to highlight our local farm partnerships with U.S. generational family farmers."

This is the brands second year winning the “Best Baby/Toddler Food” category, previously winning for its Sprout Organic Broccoli Curlz.

"This is our second year in a row winning the Best Bite award, and we couldn't be more thrilled," says Earnest. "Sprout is trusted to deliver food options that are nutritious, great-tasting, and satisfy a variety of diet choices. Now, parents can feel more confident in choosing protein options for their children knowing that Sprout rigorously sources the cleanest ingredients."