General Mills debuts newest addition


General Mills is ready to debut its newest dinner solution: Freezer to Plate. 

The Freezer to Plate is an expansion of the Good Table product line that brings gourmet-style meals to frozen chicken. Freezer to Plate pairs one of four sauce varieties with rice or pasta. 

Each Freezer to Plate package includes suggestions for  add-on ingredients, such as avocado and fresh lime juice for extra Southwestern flare.

"Everyone can relate to the frustrations associated with a planned dinner gone wrong, with the classic example of failing to set the chicken out in the morning being a common occurrence," says Liana Miller, Marketing Communications Planner for The Good Table. "Those collective experiences really served as the inspiration for Freezer to Plate, as we set out to develop a 'go-to' product to turn to in those meal planning crunch times. It's a convenient, easy, flavorful way to bring the family together."