Stoli Vodka unveils innovative design

Stoli Vodka has unveiled its update to Stoli Gold with an innovative new design.

Stoli Gold’s redesign includes the bottle, label and production processes and the goal is to elevate the consumer experience at shelf. The product is available in a 750 mL and 1 litre in top U.S. global markets.

The new packaging features a metallic label with content on the front and back size, visible through the clear bottle. The bottle shape is taller than before with embossing on the bottle and the neck, which includes a gold neck label, cork cap and tamper evidence. Featured on the back of the bottle is Stoli Vodka’s birth year, 1938.

"The updated Stoli Gold is a marriage of state-of-the-art, modern methods and our commitment to producing classic, unrivalled spirits. No other vodka uses such precious elements to create a significant effect on the character of the final liquid," says Hugues Pietrini, Stoli Group Global President & CEO, in a release. "This expression has long been popular among a core group of ultra-premium consumers, but we expect, with this disruptive redesign and single-source recipe, to expand that audience to those in their late 20s and 30s who value intrigue and energetic social scenes."

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