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2017 DuPont Awards for Packaging Innovation





The DuPont Awards for Packaging Innovation is the industry’s global, independently judged celebration of innovation and collaboration throughout the value chain. An independent panel of packaging experts evaluated nearly 150 entries from more than 24 countries.



Diamond Award

Fritz Water Vest

By: Solutions Inc.


The vest innovatively incorporates relatively new materials to accomplish two key, functional needs. The multi-layer nylon structure provides a robust material suitable for rough terrain and multiple uses in dry and rugged environments. The proprietary lamination uses several layers for functional protection and allows for quick heat sealing during manufacturing. In addition, an additive included in the material inhibits the growth of mold, mildew and odors.



Diamond Finalist Award

Compostable “Pizza Pod”

By: Zume Pizza


The Pizza Pod is optimized to absorb maximum oil and moisture, so pizzas stay hot and crispy long after leaving the oven. Composed of 100% sustainably farmed sugarcane fiber, the Pizza Pod is tree-free, compostable and biodegradable, making it one of the most sustainable pizza boxes on the market.



Diamond Finalist Award

MGI JETvarnish 3-D Digital Print Decoration Process for
Folding Cartons



The JETvarnish 3-D solution dramatically increases the speed and ability of consumer and commercial firms to bring new products to market at a lower cost. The workstation software offers rapid prototyping for new product launches and full high-volume production management. Pictured, a JETvarnish 3-D Evolution that uses the embedded, award-winning MGI JETvarnish 3-D Digital Print Decoration Process.



Diamond Finalist Award

Cryovac OptiDure Abuse Bag

By: Sealed Air

The OptiDure Abuse Bag’s enhanced sealing capability enables improved seal integrity through contamination and wrinkles, helping facilitate faster throughput, increase production efficiency, and reduce product and package waste. The high transparency, gloss and two-sided printing ability give the package an aesthetically pleasing presentation to consumers.


pet containers

Diamond Finalist Award

Light-weight Sustainable Agrochemical Auto-stackable 15-L PET Containers

By: Dow AgroSciences

The containers’ added functionalities increase safety, improve usage and reduce their environmental footprint. Reducing the need for added packaging for transport, the upper safety top adds strong stability when the containers are stacked on top of each other, allowing them to be stacked up to three containers high on a pallet without the need for an outer carton case.



plantic r

Plantic R: Ultra-High Barrier Renewable and Recyclable Packaging Material

By: Kuraray [Plantic Technologies Ltd.]

The technology combines the recyclable materials (PET) and Plantic’s bio-based ultra-high barrier material, which dramatically increases the shelf life of packaged meats. Plantic R is a multilayer film made from thin layers of PET on a core layer of renewably sourced, high barrier Plantic HP. The PET provides the moisture and water vapor barrier, and the Plantic HP core provides the oxygen and gas barrier.


reserve jar

Gold Award

Prime Reserve Jar


The elegant design of the cream jar provides consumers the ultimate indulgence and is an attractive addition to the consumers’ personal care product display in the home. Made of 10 different components, this molded “jar within a jar” conveys luxury with its remarkable feel and weight.


ice cream

Gold Award

Ice Cream Mini Cup 140 mL


The cup is the combination of a suite of technologies, including thin wall thickness, fast cycle time injection molding, and in-mold labeling for decoration. It is a packaging solution designed for the on-the-go consumer. The plastic spoon molded into the lid of the ice cream mini cup is an innovative solution improvement to those currently available.


fresh tag

Gold Award

Insignia Freshtag

By: Insignia Technologies

This dynamic shelf-life indicator tag is designed to change color over a pre-set number of days at a prescribed temperature. It also changes color faster when the temperature increases. This gives consumers a more realistic view of the actual life of the product based on the different conditions to which it has been subjected.



Gold Award

Peelfit Can

By: Crown Food Europe

Crown Food Europe was able to seal a peelable foil directly to the can body. Traditional steel rings had to be stamped out and recycled—this new innovation eliminates that need, easing manufacturing and enhancing sustainability. The Peelfit can’s major reduction to this component of the package enabled a 16% reduction in can weight and 32% reduction in energy usage while continuing to deliver 100% protection against oxygen, gas and moisture.



Gold Award


By: PPi Technologies Group

The package demonstrates a clever use of a frangible sealed pouch for this new application of mosquito repellent. The pouch allows consumers to mix and activate the dry and wet chemicals at the time of use, without having to pour out or touch the contents.



Gold Award

Bibigo Kimchi Jar

By: CJ Cheiljedang

A clever incorporation of multiple existing technologies from different markets (including channeled lids and membrane with valve), the new kimchi jar achieves perfect sealing, gas emission and fermentation. The gas channels in the lid allow the gas to vent through the closed lid as the product continues to ferment inside the jar.



Gold Award

PepsiCo’s Granola Goes Nuts Cross –
Directional Laser Scored Flow Wrapper

By: PepsiCo and Printpack

The cross-directional, laser-scored opening feature on the horizontal flow wrapper provides a controlled, easy opening of the pack. The clever design keeps consumers from creating litter when opening, with a creative configuration of the technology to keep the wrapper together. The laser scoring applied above the metalized layer preserves the barrier properties and ensures the shelf life of the product.



Gold Award

Skol Beats Secret – Red Glass

By: Owens Illinois

The dramatic color helps provide differentiation from other alcoholic beverages at the point of sale and provides merchandising appeal to its target consumers, the millennials, who are looking for a new experience. The red color reinforces the flavor profile of the flavored beer, while also offering UV protection to the product.


vento advanced

Gold Award

Vento Advanced Coffee Packaging

By: Amcor Flexibles

The Vento coffee packaging system uses a low-pressure, one-way, flexible valve integrated into the laminate of the coffee bag instead of the commonly used rigid valve for degassing. As coffee starts to degas, the pressure inside pushes a small venting layer open allowing the CO2 to escape. As soon as degassing is complete, the venting layer returns to its original position, preventing oxygen from entering and keeping the coffee fresh.



Silver Award

Direct Object Printing for Full Package Decoration

By: Plastipak Packaging Inc.

Packages can be decorated in-line at production, simplifying the supply chain and reducing the time to market. This technology utilizes white-plus process coloring printing to deliver a wide color gamut and brilliant graphics for full, state-of-the-art decoration of a round package. Plastipak’s technology offers unlimited graphic design capabilities to promote the brand, opening up a new perspective in marketing.



Silver Award

Farmacy Beauty’s Honey Potion Renewing Antioxidant Hydration Mask

By: VP+C

The package enhances the user experience because of the outstanding execution of the package design in telling the brand story. The origami-like box unfolds to reveal the brand story inside, while the hand-drawn illustrations on the package help to tell a holistic story about the brand.


fuji mo

Silver Award

FUJI’s “FUJIMO”, Flexible packaging for the inkjet-gravure hybrid printing machine


The FUJIMO is a hybrid printing press that combines full-color inkjet printing and water-based white photogravure printing to achieve vibrant, full-color and white color printing on transparent plastic film. By combining water-based photogravure printing traditionally used solely for white printing, with inkjet printing for full-color.



Silver Award


By: GreenBlue

With the How2Recycle label, consumers can easily understand the recyclability of each package, how to prepare each component of the package for recycling, and if a component is not recyclable. Not only is How2Recycle changing the recycling behavior of consumers, but it is also catalyzing design changes in packaging.



Silver Award

Kellogg’s Nutri-Grain
Bakery Delights

By: Bemis Company, Inc.

The package features textured film to represent a bakery treat that looks like its wrapped in kraft paper and twine. To uniquely capture the attention of millennial shoppers, the package is designed to look like paper, feel like paper, and even crinkle and crunch like paper.


vitamin water

Silver Award

Vitaminwater Container
with PowerStrap

By: Amcor Rigid Plastics

The technology enables a 15 % weight reduction from an earlier Vitaminwater bottle with enhanced vacuum absorption capabilities compared to conventional bases used for hot-fill containers. Amcor Rigid Plastics’ unique PowerStrap technology offers enhanced side compression properties for improved line handling as well as vertical load-bearing properties for stacking

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