Luscious Cosmetics releases 3-D Zodiac toppers

Makeup fans can customize the Velvet Matte powders.

Luscious Cosmetics has announced its new design of its bestselling Velvet Matte powder compacts.

The new compacts now have a colored collection of 3-D zodiac-themed toppers. Customers can select a free Zodiac topper to match their star sign with the purchase of the brand’s bestselling multi-tasking face powder, according to a release.

“My friends and I love horoscopes, it’s a guilty pleasure we all enjoy. The goal is to offer a fun, fresh approach to a bestselling product, Velvet Matte Face Powder that has sold more than 1,000,000 units since 2007,” says CEO and founder Mehrbano Sethi.

Luscious Cosmetics features cruelty-free, vegan products formulated for long lasting, vibrant color. Their brand philosophy is focused on creating luxurious, skin-loving formulas. Luscious Cosmetics retails worldwide.