Sprout Foods wins 3 NAPPA Awards

Sprout Foods, a large independent infant nutrition company is recognized by the National Parenting Product Awards for its commitment to clean, organic ingredients, flavor and innovation within sustainable protein sources.

This year’s winners, according to a release, include: Sprout Organic Crinklez, Sprout Organic Crispy Chews and Sprout Stage 2 Plant Based protein pouches.

"At Sprout, our mission is to educate parents on how to properly interpret nutrition labels so that they can understand what is truly in their food. That's our Honesty Pledge," says Rick Klauser, CEO, Sprout Foods. "Sprout makes it easy for parents to make healthy, informed decisions about the food they purchase for their families by using clean, organic ingredients and honestly labeling our recipes. We're so excited that our latest Plant Powered innovation has resonated so well with consumers and that parents trust Sprout to deliver vegetable-based protein options for their children."

The packaging varies from everything from flexible pouches to rigid plastics.