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Product Focus: Smart & Active Packaging




Smart Packaging

The Oculto illuminated bottle uses smart label technology that features printed electronics and LED lights with pressure sensitive with back-label design. A circuit switch is in the back label and once pressed, LED lights shine through the eyes of the mask on the label of the bottle.


Wine Label

G3 Enterprises’ G Ink, a collection of interactive ink technologies create possibilities when it comes to package design. The special inks, thermochromic, biochromic or photochromic give brand owners and designers the tools to make the bottles functional and engaging.



Mobile Scan

GS1 US Mobile Scan is said to enhance package design and customer experience. Packages have a DWCode, a nearly invisible digital watermark that can be read by enabled point-of-sale scanning systems and smart phones. 


Embedded NFS Paper 

Ajrowiggins Creative Papers introduces Powerboat Alive. This innovative embedded near-field-communications paper can be used to personalize a product and many other possibilities including instant sharing via any of the social media channels. 



Anti-bacterial Film 

Micron Bacterstop has anti-bacterial properties that kill 99.9 % of bacteria that comes into contact with the film. Designed for medical, food service and personal-care applications, the anti-bacterial film is formulated to work after multiple handlings, for up to 12-months.


Digital Press for Corrugated

The HP Scitex 15000 Corrugated Press enables CPGs to print QR codes and custom URLs on varying quality boards. Different drop sizes can be used to optimize productivity and results in the same print: Small ink drops deliver high quality, and larger drops can be used for speed.



Airless Pump with Anti-drying Insert 

Sermon is engineered to be an airtight, leak proof dispensing system for serums. Made from transparent co-polyester with an anti-drying inset in the cap, the package has a 15-mL PP barrel that dispenses 70-mcL of formula with one touch and without the product contacting any metal. 


Covert Security Inks

Range of covert security inks for packaging include a tagging solution called Verigard, which offers a lock-and-key approach to securing and authenticating brand packaging. The machine-readable taggants are designed to be used in concert with readers available only from inks’ manufacturer. 


Thermochromic Plastic 

Manufactured in the U.S., the PowerCapsules thermochromic plastic technology can be used as hot and cold advisories in packaging components such as soda closures, coffee lids and soup bowls. 



Blister Package

CSP Activ-Blister materials protect moisture and oxygen sensitive solid doses packaged on thermoform-fill-seal and fill-seal equipment. The use of silica gel and molecular sieve technology, the outfitted blisters absorb tailored amounts of water vapor, oxygen or a combination of the two.

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