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Angry Orchard Expands Hard Cider Product Line

Beverage brand responds to fast growth in beverage market’s fruit cider category.




Angry Orchard Expands Hard Cider Product Line

(PRESS RELEASE) Fruit ciders are the fastest growing style within the cider category, accounting for 86% of growth in 20201. As drinkers continue to gravitate toward full-flavored options within adult beverage, with fruit flavors leading the charge as a hero ingredient, Angry Orchard, coming off the strength of the brand’s flagship cider Crisp Apple growing 8.5% in 2020, debuts Angry Orchard Peach Mango and Angry Orchard Strawberry, two new hard fruit ciders made with real fruit.

“As the biggest innovation driver within the cider space, fruit cider is a rich territory for Angry Orchard to bring some ongoing variety to the category,” said Lesya Lysyj, CMO of The Boston Beer Company. “A direct response to drinker’s desire for variety and full-flavored options that are made with real ingredients, Angry Orchard’s new fruit ciders pack a punch – bringing that refreshing, natural sweetness our cider drinkers know and love, now paired with vibrant fruits for a bigger, bolder taste.”

Angry Orchard Peach Mango and Angry Orchard Strawberry are available nationwide in newly designed, colorful cans. Angry Orchard’s fruit ciders are blended by combining bittersweet apples with peaches, mangos and strawberries for a juicy, naturally sweet cider with a balanced finish. At 5% ABV, Angry Orchard Peach Mango and Angry Orchard Strawberry perfectly complement the beloved apple. Bringing that crisp, apple-forward flavor drinkers expect from Angry Orchard combined with new fruits for a bright and refreshing taste, Angry Orchard’s new fruit ciders are dripping with fruity flavor.

At the home of Angry Orchard in New York’s Hudson Valley, cider makers continue to push the boundaries of what is expected of cider, experimenting with high-quality ingredients and fruit grown right on-site to develop new spaces for cider to play.

“At the Orchard, we’re always exploring new ingredient combinations and cider making techniques to continuously evolve our offerings across the Cider House and our national portfolio, too,” said Ryan Burk, head cider maker at Angry Orchard. “Using a complex blend of traditional cider making apples as our foundation, we’ve found the addition of vibrant fruits like peaches and mangos can bring some subtle tart notes into the fold for a bright, really flavorful and easy to drink cider. It’s a careful mix that allows all of the fruit in our new styles of cider to shine.”

In addition to the launch of fruit cider, Angry Orchard will also unveil new packaging graphics to the brand’s national cider portfolio beginning this month. Enhancing the iconic tree and reinforcing the Orchard setting, new graphics will offer stronger brand presence on-shelf allowing drinkers to find Angry Orchard faster when shopping. The brand also recently released a new advertising campaign: “Sw**t.” Dramatizing a world phobic of sweetness, Angry Orchard’s two new spots celebrate the brand’s natural sweet taste drinkers love and look to reframe that sweetness as a good thing.


Angry Orchard’s new fruit ciders are available now nationwide in six-pack 12oz cans as well as 16oz and 24oz single-serve cans, with prices varying by market. For shop locators and purchasing details, visit

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