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EcoTools Makes Makeup More Earth Friendly

New product and new packaging offers a more earth-friendly option for makeup fans.





FOUNDATION BLENDING SPONGES are a mainstay in many makeup fans’ kits, but the packaged products can come with some eco guilt. A new product from EcoTools aims to change that.

Brought to market after years of research and groundbreaking technology development by Dr. John Nanos, a PhD in Organic Polymer Chemistry, the BioBlender collection of makeup and cleansing sponges are made up of a sustainable biodegradable foam material. The clean beauty sponge is comprised of just a handful of planet-friendly ingredients that are USDA certified, 100% biobased, all-natural and vegan. The brand promise of the new product is to take the guilt out of tossing away makeup blenders every 30 days, as recommended for personal hygenie.

To top it off, this biodegradable sponges are packaged responsibly. The BioBlender collection will include biodegradable, post-consumer recycled (PCR) packaging, which is also FSC Certified and printed using soy ink. The new packaging is an extension of a packaging strategy unveiled last year.

In 2020, EcoTools heavily leaned into its eco-credentials by creating new packaging that is both beautiful and beneficial to the planet all the while achieving an 88% plastic reduction, which the brand notes is the equivalent to almost 14 million plastic bags or nearly 6 million plastic water bottles.

“Traditional makeup sponges are a leading cause in adding to unnecessary waste, and as a leader in sustainable beauty, we saw an opportunity in the market to address this,” says Niki Rybacek, product innovation manager for EcoTools. “The consumer is looking for ways to reduce their environmental footprint and expects brands and retailers to do the same. We’re excited to answer that with BioBlender and continue our mission to create high-quality, planet-friendly beauty and self-care products attainable by all.”


Linda Casey is the editor-in-chief of BXP.

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