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Fresnels debuts new color shifting foils



Fresnels Innovations had expanded its line of foils with two color shifting foils. The new Scarab foil reflects the iridescent colors of the eponymous beetle. Opal takes its inspiration from the color effects seen in mineral gem stones. Both foils follow the launch of the optically variable foil (OVF) Peacock stamping foil in 2018.

The latest foils are part of a select range of eye-catching color shifting effects from Fresnels Innovations, designed to improve recyclable packaging through the use of stamping foil technology instead of inks. Achieving color-shifting effects on packaging can be challenging, but the Scarab and Opal are engineered to provide packaging efficiency, value improvement and luxury product enhancement benefits.

Both are opaque foils but feature within their formulation either basic pigmentation (Scarab) or a reflective surface (Opal). Precision engineered to produce sophisticated optical elements; they deliver highly individual added value packaging effects, which provide a striking visual appeal designed to catch the eye of consumers in the retail environment.

Unlike most color shifting inks, which change when tilted relative to viewing light, the foils also alter color when rotated and when applied to curved surfaces, enabling the viewer to see the full gamut of color changes in a single glance.

The foils are developed for high speed machine application and available for either hot stamping or cold transfer applications. Fresnel designed each foil for quick and easy application without the requirement for registration equipment—saving time and costs in the process.

Fresnel COO Dr Glenn Wood said the new products will add novelty to packaging applications: “We are achieving similar color changes to optically variable inks with our foils, thus providing branded packaging with customer engagement and visual effects previously found only on banknotes and other government security documents.”


Fresnels Innovations is also working with a Taiwanese manufacturer of folding cartons to produce new eye-catching plastic free packaging, which is both 100% recyclable and FSC carton board certified.


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Fresnels Innovation is part of Fresnel Inc., a privately funded company, led by technology providers with 100 years of combined expertise in the commercialisation of optical microstructures. Its technology is supported by customer services, technological excellence and experience in relationship building in key markets. More at


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