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DIP Design Announces Revolutionary Product Packaging

Master palette paint collection to be sold in industry-changing recyclable bags.




DIP designs

DIP DESIGN IS PERSONAL announced product packaging details for its DIP Color paint line, and the format has industry changing potential. The packaging, which is called a DIP Big Dipper, is a flexible pouch with a spout for easier pouring than a traditional paint can delivers. According to the brand, the DIP Big Dipper will revolutionize how paint is used and sold because the spouted pouch is convenient for storage and easy to rinse and recycle once used.

DIP Design Is Personal is a leading Do It Yourself (DIY) style and home improvement brand, and the brand’s creator and renowned color expert is Gretchen Schauffler. Designed with the aim to be the most seamless paint system on the market, DIP Color Paint and its master paint palette provide ultra-dense color formulas that are both quick to dry and easy to touch up.

“It has been a long-time dream of mine to offer paint in a bag and I am excited to finally make that dream a reality with DIP Color Paint,” says Schauffler. “I first thought of the idea to put paint in a bag after buying a bagged margarita cocktail from Costco in 1998. Around the same time, I was beginning my paint brand, ‘Devine Color,’ and I found success using small pouches to offer sample paint to my customers. The Devine Mini Paint Pouch was an easy way for my customers, especially women, to sample my colors, build trust in my brand, and feel empowered in the ability to paint their homes. Despite this success, I was never able to expand on my sample pouches to replace the full standard paint gallon tin can. Now with my exquisite DIP Color Paint and our revolutionary gallon bags, I have made my own wish come true.”

Customers who wish to sample DIP Color Paint can purchase a ‘DIP Little Dipper’ which provides a small portion of paint from any color in Schauffler’s master paint palette. The ‘DIP Little Dipper’ provides enough of the ultra-dense color formula paint for multiple uses without waste, from painting on a sample card to make it effortless to see the color in multiple environments to painting a section of a wall to see and feel the exquisite quick-dry paint in person. Once the desired DIP Color Paint hue is selected, customers can purchase a ‘DIP Big Dipper’ which contains one-gallon of paint and is ready to pour through a spout, making for easy touchups around the house.

For those seeking to purchase multiple colors, DIP Color Paint makes it easy to build color schemes with its pre-selected color collections, one of which is DIP Color Blush Hues, featuring warm rosy pinks, terracottas and reds (DIP Root, DIP Nest, DIP Melt, and DIP Mum). As most BXP readers know, pouches have a high product evacuation rate so the new packaging format can reduce wasted paint in addition to hard-to-recycle paint cans.


Linda Casey is the editor-in-chief of BXP.

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