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Country Life Maxi ® Beauty-Based Line-up – A Reimagined Look



Country Life Maxi ® Beauty-Based Line-up – A Reimagined Look

In response to an accelerating demand for functional supplements, especially those offering skin, hair and nail rejuvenation, the Country Life team revamped the brand’s Maxi beauty supplement line to portray a more premium, beauty-oriented image and support innovative extensions. The original offering included seven solution-driven varieties.

With special strength in Nutritional and Personal Care categories, The Biondo Group was selected to contemporize the Maxi package design to attract the segment’s increasingly young, nutritionally educated consumer while still maintaining strong recognition with Country Life umbrella brand loyalists.

According to Charles Biondo, firm founder & CEO, the key visual challenge was to create a system which stood out in the chaotic supplement aisle, and yet also fit into the gentler wholistic and wellness online arenas (in editorial, social media and shopping).

“Simplicity in packaging is powerful – this approach works across environments. We chose a white background and sophisticated application of the bright Country Life brandmark to unify offerings into an effective visual block with “pop”. Against this clean back-drop, the variety names and unique benefit story became hero. Quality artwork and strategic touches of high gloss depicted the pure ingredients, strengthening the line’s premium cosmetic tone, ” said Biondo

“Country Life® Maxi beauty line has a new, premium look, which expresses the products’ high quality and performance. The architecture provides a visual platform to launch an exciting array of new products. ” said Donna Iannucci, Chief Marketing Officer of Country Life. 




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